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Helping each other and creating smiles

Kate’s Story

Ekaterina, known as Kate to her colleagues, believes that all tasks, even the most challenging, can be solved with a little charisma. Prioritisation is her key to success. 

Kate thoroughly enjoys multitasking, meaning she often thrives at work, and is always keen to learn and develop. “Httpool is a wonderful organisation that allows colleagues to share their knowledge and ideas openly with one another. This is quite a rare trait to find”.

Describing herself as a people person, Kate takes pride in her work, and feels a sense of achievement knowing she has made others smile. “I love helping people, and knowing I have made someone’s life a bit easier”. Shortly after joining Httpool Kate was in charge of the company wide launch, migrating on to the new HR system. This was an important step towards her ambition to “break traditional stereotypes, and incorporate more employee-friendly aspects into the role of Human Resources”.

Kate post

Kates advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Try not to forget about your personal time, maintain important connections with family and friends, enjoy your hobbies, take vacations. You can’t fill your life solely with work. It is important that the loved ones in your life are understanding and recognise the importance of your career, especially on occasions you may answer emails after midnight.