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Help Audiences Avoid Stress This Christmas: Twitter Marketing for Christmas 2021

by Pauls Perkons, Twitter Performance Director, Httpool

With Christmas only around the corner, consumers are preparing to begin the tradition of endless seasonal shopping expeditions, hunting for that perfect gift, the best deals, and possibly a little treat or two for themselves. With the endless options out there, is there a way to simplify the task, potentially helping consumers avoid square eyes as they search through platform after platform.

The use of social media in this decision-making process has become increasingly more popular over recent years. Did you know that Twitter users are reported to be three times more likely to gain inspiration for gifs from the social media platform compared to non-users.

Twitter can act as a showroom for users, providing insight into happenings around the world, the platform is heavily focused around conversations and interactions between users. Twitter is a fantastic recourse for brands, encouraging conversations on Twitter is one of the best ways to increase brand sales revenue and recognition. As little as a 10% increase in brand conversation on the platform can result in a revenue increase of up to 3%.

Twitter Christmas

For Twitter users the Christmas season is an important one, a time to discover not only news and entertainment, but also recommendations for the perfect Christmas purchases. 40% of Twitter users say that Twitter influenced their gifting purchases over the festive period. However, the influence of Twitter conversations is not just for Christmas, the Halloween period is also a catalyst for holiday shopping with festive conversations steadily rising from early November.

Jumping on the holiday conversation bandwagon has never been more important as reports show the Christmas shopping season begins earlier every year. This year the intrigue began as early as June, at which point a 78% increase in holiday shopping conversations took place compared to May 2021.

So, what should you keep in mind when planning for Christmas?

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Most importantly, what do users not want to see? Constant reminders by multiple advertisers that they are late with their Christmas shopping. With 72% of Twitter users reporting that they would prefer to see light-hearted Christmas ads, ones that distract them from the impending date rather than remind them. Where possible it is also recommended that referencing of the Covid-19 pandemic is avoided, allowing the users to enjoy the magic of Christmas and escape some of reality whilst they search. Reports suggest that 61% of users admit that they avoid looking at Christmas ads that are too emotional.

One shoe does not fit all. Whilst some campaigns require a sense of urgency to drive results, this same approach might not fit the sentiment associated with the festive period. Ensure you test and research your method and use the correct one for your brand.

Moreover, Twitter Insiders UK, reports that 41% of users prefer fictional characters and settings over real people and true stories when it comes to creative content. Test out using animation & fantasy characters in your creative content.

Furthermore, even at Christmas it helps to remain up to date with social causes, therefore if for example sustainability is something your brand focuses on then be sure to still feature this in your Christmas campaigns. More and more people are taking the initial steps to sustainable gifting.

Finally, it is important to utilize a full-funnel approach and build more impressive storylines. Using multiple ad formats will help with ad recognition and has proven to increase the probability of the campaign’s success. Advertisers utilizing three or more ad formats tend to see higher awareness and purchase intent.

Twitter Christmas

This Christmas, get your holiday season preparation in full swing, and take advantage of the audience on Twitter.