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Entering new dimensions at dmexco

dmexco provides a platform for decision makers in the areas of marketing, media and advertising to discuss the new dimensions and opportunities within the age of a new digital economy. The “digiconomy” era has effectively begun and already shows significant impact on our lives and the way we do business.

The discussions at dmexco focused on the opportunities provided by advances in technologies, on current trends, growth strategies and creativity.

Where is the industry heading?

First, big data is no longer a rocket science. The industry is finding the optimal ways of using the data holistically and across channels. The smartest and most creative marketers already use data for making impactful decisions across online and offline. Efficient usage of data in advertising is also fueled by the growth of programmatic. Besides efficiency of data usage, programmatic provides automatization and time and cost efficiency. The share of impressions sold on programmatic is increasing and extending across more premium publishers and premium formats, such as video and rich media. Thus we understand that programmatic will become a standard within the industry in the next years. However, automation of the media buying and selling process will not replace the personal touch needed to tailor advertising opportunities to specific audiences and objectives.

Next, social media discussions no longer address the evaluation of monetary value of a like or a follower. Marketers are forced to engage in a meaningful conversation with their customers. Social is an integral part of the journey to purchase and represents a must channel for the advertisers.

“dmexco always fosters insightful discussions about the future of digital advertising. It brings together all the players within a highly fragmented industry. It also shows the relevancy of our cross channel approach and focus on proprietary technology”, says Aljoša Jenko, founder and CEO of Httpool. “As an international company, integrated within the international ecosystem, we take part of visionary discussions and explore new solutions for agencies and marketers to enhance their advertising initiatives.”

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