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Empowering team members for best results

Lisa’s Story

Staying positive and goal oriented has enabled Lisa to guide her team successfully through a year of lockdowns and uncertainty. “We were forced to adapt, altering our market strategy, whilst managing to remain strong and ambitious”. Empathy, communication, and strong organizational skills are the key factors to Lisa’s success. “My goal is to make team members reach their full individual potential. This approach leads to a higher productivity and drive for development”.

Lisa believes that women need to harness and value their femininity. Combining this with perceived traditionally male characteristics, will allow women to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Having begun her journey with Httpool as Campaign manager, Lisa quickly realized that her calling was working with clients and creating advertising concepts. She progressed in her career and became Account Manager, later taking on the challenge of Spotify Product Lead in Austria. As of last year, Lisa leads the Httpool Spotify team for Central European markets and is “excited to see how different markets work and what challenges they are facing; enabling her to support operations on various levels”.

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Lisa believes that taking time to know yourself, and how you can best perform is key to professional success. “I like change and development, and so the biggest perk at work is that I can influence not just the success of the company but also internal processes and develop positive habits.” 

Lisa places emphasis on holding positive interpersonal, ethical and intellectual values. She strives to learn and develop at every step, not just professionally but also personally. “Making a positive change in my individual area of influence and being successful in it, keeps me going every day”.

Lisa’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Find your personal unique selling point, have faith in your individual strengths, and develop them until you reach success. Don’t try to copy something that has already been done, be unique and confident. Especially for young girls it’s important to know their worth and receive appreciation.