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Don’t be shy and dare to try 👻 Spotify for Halloween!

By Eva Slajsova, Spotify Sales Operations Manager, Httpool Czech Republic 


Halloween is a fun holiday, and so could be your creatives. So don’t be shy and try to use this holiday to do something new, communicate your product in an unexpected way, or do something fun because Halloween is just a perfect time for that.
If not on Halloween then when?!

You can personalize your ads and grab your listeners’ attention through the spooky and immersive sound of 3D / 8D Audio… Or you can play with your playlist and create one for a Halloween party 🙂 Or go with a funny Homepage takeover – which is “an exclusive sponsorship of the Spotify Homepage for a day” – and “put your brand at center stage on the front of Spotify’s Homepage.”

Homepage takeover not only allows you to “deliver a high-impact experience by showcasing your brand message on the front of Spotify’s Desktop Homepage for 24 hours but also helps you to increase awareness with premium brand placement”. Don’t be afraid to “appeal to emotions“, “craft your storytelling” or even “team up with artists“. All this can help your brand stand out and increase relevance for your audience.


We gathered some Inspirational Halloween Campaigns

1) Mali-boo
Country: UK

„We utilized an HPTO, 3D audio and digital experience to allow Malibu to own the Halloween moment. The 3D audio creative brought to life the sounds of a Malibu house party, drawing on the sounds of mixing the perfect Halloween cocktail. The digital experience invited users to get their spooky party playlist based on their Halloween costume. On the payoff page, users could enjoy a new playlist inspired by their costume choice and explore an accompanying cocktail recipe with Malibu.“

Mali Boo

2) Fanta
Country: UK

Fanta’s Dare you Taste the Dark

„We were told by Coca-Cola that limited edition product demand is fuelled by FOMO in 16-24s, making the scarce availability of Fanta’s Dark Orange irresistible to the target audience.“
„With this understanding, we partnered to put the FEAR into FEAR OF MISSING OUT. The partnership included 3D audio featuring spooky immersive sounds and sponsorship of New Music Friday with the messaging, “Dare to try something new?”

Fanta Taste the terror

Fanta Spotify


What are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your Spotify Halloween campaign! 👻