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Discover the Perfect Chief Marketing Officer: What’s the Benefits, and how to Locate top Talent

By Bartosz Baratowicz, Copywriter

Without a doubt, we all appreciate the importance of marketing efforts within business, playing a pivotal role for growth and development. It serves as the face of your company, and promotes your mission to the masses. The ability to communicate with an audience and publish successful advertising content is vital to getting ahead of the crowd and breaking through the vast competition.

The successful implementation of advertising allows both small and medium businesses to truly embrace their potential. Digital marketing efforts support start-ups in developing desired recognition and attractiveness, both imperative factors in alluring investors and venture capital firms. As we know, marketing is in fact an extensive concept, there are numerous channels, tactics and strategies to employ, however all share a common goal, to attract attention and scale sales. 

Unfortunately, often startups make the mistake of overlooking the importance of employing a chief marketing officer (CMO), and instead attempt to build a plane in mid-air, rather than putting in the necessary work of assembling the wings before flight. So, who should be chosen to fly the plane? Ensuring that in the pilot’s seat you have a rightfully skilled CMO leading advertising efforts is essential. Moreover, understanding the personality of a visionary chief is an important part of employing the right person for the executive position. After all, bad leadership can destructively affect the image of a company, and have disastrous consequences. 

Get to Know Your Perfect CMO

The CMO plays an essential role in building the progression of a company’s recognition, and finding the right fit will support the business advancing through the market. Therefore, placing the right person is decisive for the further evolution of the start-up. Personality, internal mission, and morals are all important aspects to consider during the search for a perfect CMO, values should align with that of your organisation and staff. Placing the wrong individual, with a personality that does not match that of your mission, can have detrimental effects and cause companies to potentially crumble. Thus, as with life, it is important to get to know your prospects, avoid highly neurotic individuals, or those that signal a lack of remorse, as they can have negative impacts on a company’s message and internal team dynamics.

A company that hires a virtuous, compassionate, insightful and sympathetic individual for an executive position has guaranteed success and will stand out from the competition with its remarkable work. Placing an open-minded and passionate individual that understands the significance of effective communication will drastically improve the work environment. The start-up productivity and retention rate are going to attract more talent, thus selecting a self-aware leader is essential for the business growth.

Responsibilities & Benefits of a CMO

The prime goal of a CMO is to facilitate growth. Their position is as important as it is broad, especially for starting up companies that lack established networks and a strong online presence. Appointing the correct CMO will open doors to further market understandings, as well as an in depth grasp on customers, thus ensuring the best business decisions are made whether this be about which markets or segments to enter, which products to develop, or which companies to approach. All of which is carried out alongside management of extensive research and analytics. 

One of the most crucial aspects of CMOs is knowing how to target the audience through proper marketing channels such as content, organic reach, or paid activities. However, this is in fact only the tip of the iceberg in terms of CMOs job specifications. With a strong focus also placed on building brand awareness, narrating public relations, maintaining relationships with the public, and working closely with internal teams, such as sales and product leads, to ensure the achievement of company targets and lead growth across the board.  

Finders Keepers

Finding and retaining experienced CMO’s can be a burdensome task, the role is exceedingly demanding, and many companies are fighting for the best prospects. Once a startup secures a prominent CMO, it’s imperative to expose them to a friendly and professional working environment, ensuring autonomy whilst also access to a strong supportive team, in addition to inputs from C-level management. Building a brand’s image requires excellent teamwork, thus flawless communication between executives is essential. Moreover, prior to hiring a CMO, a start-up should consider building a reliable and effective marketing team, this will in turn attract more experienced executives who are previously acquainted with established departments.

Arguably, the demand for chief marketing officers is enormous. Start-ups are fighting relentlessly to allure the most talented individuals – especially in the Baltic markets. Take Estonia for example, with a population of approximately 1.3 million, this small country is well-known for its strong start-up presence. There are approximately ten unicorn companies within the market, that give around 7.7 unicorns per million people! As you can imagine, breaking through competition like that requires outstanding talent. Storytelling comes in handy here, and can prove a crucial aspect of content marketing, the ability to tell mesmerising stories about a company and/or product will not only attract traffic but also talent.  able to tell a mesmerising story about the company’s product and work. Moreover, upon joining a company, the CMO is set to take over leadership of captivating blogs, articles and social media ads.


The Take Home

As we have established for a startup the fit is everything, therefore plan your assault on the prospect market carefully, apply your mission and values to your search, and aim for an empathetic and integral leader for marketing efforts. Start-ups should learn how to classify personality traits, hiring an inspirational leader for a CMO position can only improve the marketing efforts. Consequently, the benefit of acquiring a dedicated leader will increase sales, improve brand image, and drive your company to the top of the market’s food chain.

It’s undeniable that the competition and demand remains expansive, many firms offer huge annual salaries, with strong established teams of marketers at their disposal. Therefore, startups are by default at  a bit of a disadvantage when competing against the giants. However, hope is not lost, and you can still break through the crowd by building and promoting your unique message, team environment, and mission, to allure top talent with similar objectives.

Undoubtedly, start-ups should push the search for a CMO to the top of their priority list.  In an ever growing technology hungry world with a high saturation of content, the development of a marvellous product is no longer enough, the ability to successfully advertise it and communicate it to the world is now at the forefront of all business. So, if you want to succeed and break through the competition, the requirement of top marketing talent, and a decided CMO to lead them is a must. Wouldn’t you agree?