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Christmas on Tripadvisor

Merry Tripmas and a globe trottin’ New Year!

The holiday season has often been a very busy time of the year. With many rummaging through wardrobes, packing bags, and rushing to an airport to catch that plane and spend time with loved ones. A time of year when families gather to celebrate, flying across the globe to to spend a few precious hours with their loved ones. Before the lockdowns and restrictions the holiday season was also a chance for many to escape their everyday schedules, experience exotic locations, and recharge their batteries.

Tripadvisor Christmas

Travel is back on the cards

As the Covid-19 restrictions are eased, travel is back on the cards. A strong travel season is predicted in 2022, especially across the APAC and EMEA regions. After all, the past 2 years have severely limited the ability to visit new destinations and experience adventures, so people are now making up for lost time.

Tripadvisor Christmas 2


Our partners at Tripadvisor are certain that most travellers are eager to now experience new opportunities and will not want to return to past patterns. Everyone loves having options and travellers are no exception, people want the ability to choose where to visit from a list of potential destinations, and are not only interested in domestic locations instead they are excited to explore the world and make new memories. Interestingly city destinations are more favored than rural destinations, but there is interest among travellers to visit both kinds of destinations.

Trust and safety remain important

Safety and personal health still play an important role for travellers, but thanks to the enormous efforts by airlines, hotels, and businesses there is a general sense of safety while travelling. There is also a raised awareness of sustainability. According to Tripadvisor, more than two thirds of travelers are willing to pay more for sustainable accommodations to offset their impact on the environment while on the road.



Tripadvisor Christmas 3

Tripadvisor is still the number one in terms of consumer trust. Trustworthy reviews and accurate information guaranteed, even in the pandemic, consumers stayed loyal to the platform. After all, dreams know now lockdowns so travelers continued to dream and to plan their awesome travel experiences.

Looking closer at the numbers, 9 of 10 consumers say Tripadvisor makes them feel more confident in their booking decisions while 86 % of travellers won’t even book before reading reviews on the platform. It’s very clear that no trip is really complete without consulting Tripadvisor.

It’s safe to say that global travel is beginning to rebound. It won’t be the same as before, as the circumstances have changed, therefore advertisers must learn to adapt and take into consideration the shifting attitudes of travellers around the world.