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Celebrate getting back to school with Snapchat

by Diana Coman, Regional Client Partner Snapchat


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It’s that time of the year again where we are all stocking up on new school supplies, starting new classes and schools and looking forward to seeing our friends and excited for the new friends we will be making! Friends are such an important part of the school experience, having a sense of community is what gets us through the school day. We look to our friends for inspiration when deciding which of the latest trends to adopt and Snapchat is a great way to connect and keep up to date with what trendsetters are wearing. Snapchat is hosting a back to school celebration this year to drive purchases, read more to learn about how you and your brand can get involved!


The percentage of people using Snapchat to shop for their back to school essentials has reached 85%

Snap Back To School


Compared to other social media platforms Snapchat comes out on top when it comes to the amount of people shopping for back to school supplies. The graphs below show that Snapchat beats competitors at every stage of the shopping journey. 



Snap used Back to School



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Here are some more statistics on why Snapchat is the place to be this September:

The 2020 back to school season showed us that 82% of student Snapchatters influenced what their parents were purchasing for their return to school.

Snapchat trendsetters are what drives a lot of sales traffic, with 73% of users saying they would be more enticed to shop from a brand that their friends have been buying from and talkinging about.

50% of all users are using Snapchat to spread the word about their exciting new purchases to family and friends.

Student users are not the only ones whose shopping is influenced by others. Snapchat reports show that of the Snapchat users who are parents, 79% of them are also influenced by their friends and family.



With these statistics in mind it is clear that trends are a huge driver when it comes to back to school shopping, make sure that your brand is utilising this!

5G is driving e-commerce 

With the usage of 5G increasing, this is helping e-commerce tools and apps work more smoothly. With the evolving functionality users are finding it much easier to navigate their way through different applications which makes the shopping experience even easier. 


Shopping with morals

Shopping from brands who promote a positive ethos has never been more relevant, shoppers now are very concerned about which brands are promoting social justice. This has influenced shopping habits hugely as customers are now less likely to shop from brands who do not uphold the same values as them. 


Living well

Mental and physical health is a big topic of discussion and school should be a place where everyone feels a sense of security. With this in mind you can expect products and/or services to be catered toward these needs. This may also include tech based products or services which remind users to take breaks or relax during study periods to prioritise their well being. 


Shared interests 

Shared experiences and interests is how people communicate with each other during this digital age and this is how friendships are created. 


Flex Culture

The idea of the flex culture is misconstrued, at Snapchat instead of seeing this as showing off it is seen as an opportunity to share who you are with the world, by sharing your interests and what puts a smile on your face!


How your brand can get involved! 

  1. Run promotional materials through the back to school celebration style. 
  2. By using photos and videos this will make you part of the conversation.
  3. Use AR so Snapchatters can try on certain products. This will help to drive traffic to your site. 
  4. Make sure to connect your app or website to Snapchat to increase conversion rates. 
  5. Make sure you have brand ambassadors and trend setters promoting your product. 

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Shoppers are more likely to return to a brand which has helped them through nerve racking and memorable times. By helping customers with their return to school this will create an emotional connection with each customer. 


To show just how well this approach works here are two success stories for you to take a look at:


What are you waiting for? Join the celebration today!