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Building Brand Lift: Measurement Review 2021

By Archana Roche, Httpool Measurement Lead APAC


One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions

All through 2021, Httpool conducted a series of measurement programs in Bangladesh helping brands grow. Using Meta Measurement Solutions like Brand Lift Studies, Httpool measured the impact of Meta Marketing on true business outcomes.

By creating methodologies and cadence, we successfully conducted Meta Marketing measurement programs in Bangladesh. Measuring aspects of brand’s product and its competition across categories like Telco, CPG, Financial services and others, in real time. A meta analysis of these brand lift studies have shown significant insights that will help marketers carve a better roadmap for all future brand building strategies.


Here are 5 key Measurement takeaways that helped Bangladesh marketers improve their brand building in 2021

1 key take away

2 key take away

3 key take away

4 key take away

5 key take away


Things you measure tend to improve

“Meta Measurement tools are a powerful way to understand the casual impact of your Meta Advertising on specific business objectives, such as brand recognition or conversion. Adapting the right approach to measurement supports your marketing efforts and empowers you with insights to make smarter decisions on where to invest and optimise.” – Archana Roche


Download the case study here.