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Native Advertising in 2021

Bluesun chatbot Messenger Campaign


Bluesun Hotels & Resorts is a Croatian hotel chain with 19 properties located in the immediate vicinity of the sea across the most beautiful Croatian beaches and national parks. They are mostly focused on family tourism and offer plenty of family related activities. Their business is highly seasonal and focuses on summer vacations and spring breaks. In order to drive direct bookings, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts wanted to simplify the way of acquiring guest information to customized their offer. They wanted an easy and interactive solution to create a better customer experience. The main objective of the campaign was to increase the number of bookings via chatbots, while providing custom solutions and optimizing agent interaction time per booking.



First step: Bluesun Hotels & Resorts used travel consideration ads with people interested in traveling to Croatia to drive traffic to their website. After segmenting the audience to target their typical bookers (families and couples) they started their brand consideration campaign.

Second step: Following this campaign, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts used Facebook remarketing campaign to engage visitors with Messenger ads that led to chatbot. They focused on visitors who started their booking but did not complete it, or visited the contact form but did not submit it, or showed interest in specific hotel. They acted fast and served Messenger Ads up to 3 days after a website visit.

Third step: Bluesun Hotels & Resorts, together with Httpool Croatia decided to create a chatbot and drive traffic to it with Facebook Messenger ads. After the customer clicked on the “Send message” call to action button, a chatbot led them to the purchase funnel by asking the right questions based on their previous answers. As a result, they got qualified leads for the call center to finalize the booking. Bluesun Hotels & Resorts used lead nurturing and marketing automation to help get better results.


Bluesun Hotels & Resorts saw a 17X return on ad spent after they implemented Facebook remarketing campaigns. The ease of booking through chatbot enabled an exceptional customer experience and lowered the price per lead by 300 %.


“Chatbot in Facebook Messenger proved to be the most efficient source of qualified leads for our hotels. We needed to triple the size of our call center since beginning of this campaign to respond to all the leads despite of chatbot helping us to reduce the time needed to get information from our guests and having the agent helping during the final stage of their booking”

Krešimir Drvar
Digital Marketing Manager

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