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Determining Product Marketing: To Advertise Before or After Launch

By Bartosz Baratowicz, Copywriter

How to effectively advertise products is a perplexing question that marketers, academics, and researchers have been asking for a long time. Building marketing campaigns before the product release can have a positive influence on sales results, ensuring the audience is hyped-up in anticipation, in addition to alluring and captivating the public’s attention are all highly important aspects of a product launch.

If European markets could learn one significant lesson from their American friends, it would be the importance of focusing on the buzz of the products prior to launch. Examples of this tactic are observable in the entertainment industry. Movies are advertised long before the premiere. Moreover, in regard to video games, consumers can pre-order months in advance, in their growing eagerness for D-day, and often companies use these opportunities for live events, alluring essential interests from the venture capital. This is the perfect opportunity to research and reach your target audience.

Although for organizations with limited social media presence, organic reach can take, and therefore exploring and creating the optimum timeline in which to advertise is very important, too long and the effects could be detrimental, too short and the reach won’t be maximized. In juxtaposition, advertising before the product release still brings unparalleled benefits. Thus, undoubtedly marketers should focus on anticipating audiences and creating the hype. Once the product is ready for publishing, the sales team will have guaranteed buyers, and an improved understanding for future development. However, as you can imagine, planning exposure campaigns can be a burdensome task, this article will dive into all the necessary steps to be considered, to hopefully make the job easier.

Define and Reach Target Audience

Leading marketing before the release of a product should have an informative objective, for start-up the focus should be on illustrating their offerings and captivating the attentiveness of consumers. However, before making any decisive advertising moves, the brand has to define its target audience. This is the time for all companies, including start-ups, to consider the need for detailed market research to discover all potential qualifying leads; marketers need all the possible data to draw accurate and effective advertising approaches. Understanding the demands of a targeted audience is necessary for a successful campaign, the marketing team should aim to understand the interests, hobbies, needs, and demographic of their targets.

For newly formed companies, or those with a lesser social reach, will likely not have the necessary established followers or even the idea of their ‘perfect customer’, but not to worry, everyone has to start somewhere. Firstly, as a start-up, think about the solutions and improvements your product delivers. In recent years, many suburban homeowners bought digital door cameras, undoubtedly a great product in terms of security, the only question that remains is who would buy it? People that live in the areas with high burglary rates or tenants from the parts of a town where residency is expensive, both searching for the feeling of security. It is always beneficial to first build a list of problems that your product solves, and then analyze consumers to see who will benefit most from the solutions. This method has the potential to develop a strong and dedicated audience within a short period. 

Once the target audience is understood, move on to performing the best marketing effort, and analyzing the most engaging channels. People are different in almost every aspect, but still connect through platforms and communities. Depending on the audience and product, marketers should consider which channel best fits their needs. While some users adore reading and writing on Twitter, others are fond of watching short reels on TikTok.

The next step is to draw advertising ideas, different audiences are reachable by various methods and strategies. However, there are reliable and efficient methods that most brands can benefit from employing. Content marketing is a remarkable instrument for generating interest from the public and building exposure to the brand. Another notable advertising effort is the utilization of paid activities, this strategy can drastically improve the reach of ads, and quickly achieve brand recognition. Lastly, creating an email marketing list is a magnificent idea for an advertising campaign before the product’s release. Maintaining communication with an audience is in fact critical for sustaining anticipation, as well as developing awareness and excitement of a product.


Advertise the Solution Instead of the Product

It is easy to forget that a strong marketing campaign should be able to demonstrate the products  solution, and create a feeling associated with the product. Resolving an issue feels amazing and this is the most effective story angle, advertising results of a product will have an enormously positive effect on the consumers. They will believe in your brand but only if commercials and ads are truthful. Reputation matters tremendously, negative reviews and exposure to misleading advertisements have the potential to wreck all the previous efforts. Thus it is imperative to build your narrative on facts, truths, and veracity.

Arguably, the most common mistake inexperienced companies commit is solely focusing on increasing sales with marketing efforts. This approach can have a fatalistic influence on the buying decision of possible customers, and in fact can push them away from your brand rather than attract them. TikTok, is a great example of a platform used to display products, their impacts, and how they can improve daily life. By employing engaging videos users have the opportunity to see brands’ offerings in a real life format.

Notably, marketing campaigns have a decisive part in the success of a product launch. New and existing businesses should therefore consider accurate and sincere advertising methods to deliver informative content and descriptions of their product. Many social media platforms, such as TikTok, have advantageous features that can help marketers showcase these solutions and product results. Thus it is important to understand which of these platforms would be the most beneficial for your campaign and company objectives.

Position Production with Strong Online Presence

Apart from establishing a reliable audience and strategically planning marketing efforts, startups should also consider creating a unique selling proposition (USP). That is the critical groundwork for separating the brand from the competition and developing an innovative advertising approach. However, in order to create an original USP, startups require a set target audience, a strong idea for illustrating product solutions, and a communication channel with potential clients. The most effective ways of establishing constructive relationships with the public are through email marketing, engaging in the comment sections, and sharing publications with the users. With all these pieces in place, advertisers can relentlessly focus on positioning and building a robust online presence.
When developing a digital brand’s appearance, before the release of merchandise, ensure to research if similar products already exist. If there is vast competition in the market, examine their marketing efforts and find the niche that is not exposed. Creating a unique selling point is critical for a startup that might face a significant rivalry in the market. Furthermore, the USP will help advertisers comprehend the status of a market and find qualities that are beneficial for marketing results, and in turn sales results.


Concluding Steps of Advertising Anticipation

In summary, advertising before the launch brings various benefits such as preparing audiences, evaluating potential sales, exposing brands to the market, and last but not least building essential recognition. Thus, as you can see, conducting marketing efforts prior to the launch date is paramount for a successful release.

Developing anticipation and hype will help spread awareness and brand recognition, both essential factors for a successful marketing campaign. Remember to stir up a sense of urgency and need amongst the public, demonstrating what improvements your product can bring to their daily lives. Picture a virtuous cycle, this starts with advertising prior to release and thus creating an initial network, follow this up with communication to your audience to keep them informed and maintain the interest, and of course follow up and continue interactions after launch, after all these customers will often be the ones later leaving reviews and therefore spreading recognition further. Together this circle creates continues benefits, and implemented successfully will positively impact the sales.

Moreover, although these are only a few of many ideas for creating effective advertising campaigns, they nonetheless provide a clear narrative surrounding product launch marketing. Therefore it is important to utilise all this knowledge and formulate into your own plan, unique to your product and brand, to encompass your startup in its marketing adventure to the market, and hopefully, it will be a rewarding journey.