Lisa Huber, Regional Sales Director, Central Europe talking to Amal Hussein, copywriter

 So Lisa, where do you see the placement of Audio when It comes to advertising?

Lisa: “Well, it’s no secret that we’ve seen a change in audio consumption over the past few years. With consumers experiencing what feels like a visual overload, on and offline, audio has provided a much-needed escape for us all. This has resulted in the rise of podcasts and music streaming platforms.

For this reason, the demand for audio is increasing with people utilizing it more and more in their daily lives, for example, when communicating with family and friends via audio messaging. One area that you can truly see the importance of audio, is through Clubhouse”.

Ah yes, I was definitely a victim of Clubhouse during the first lockdown!

Lisa: “Haha, I’m sure you weren’t the only one! Afterall, it’s a platform built 100% on audio, and it has already managed to achieve tremendous success, grossing 10 million users worldwide by February 2021. Which very well could have been due to the Lockdown as you mentioned!”.

I really think that streaming intelligence is the peak of audio, with platforms such as Spotify known for their intelligent algorithms, allowing users to consume music based on their individual tastes, and preferences. But Spotify, along with other streaming platforms are constantly learning, adapting, and improving, offering their users a completely personalized experience.

I definitely feel this sudden spark in audio has forced the industry to react, reinventing itself with a spotlight on audio advertising.”

That’s great thank you Lisa, now let’s talk about the top 3 trends you think are set to steal the spotlight in 2022

Podcast Advertising

Lisa: “Well, firstly let’s start with Podcast Advertising. With podcast consumption on the rise, you notice that brands are keen to get a piece of the action. Podcasts present the perfect opportunity when it comes to B2B advertising, allowing you to reach potential customers in a business mindset environment, and listening to relevant content. This was not the case before, with audio advertising mainly focused on FMCG brands in a B2C context. But now with podcast advertising, promoting in a business-related environment has never been easier.”

Lisa: “Next I would say it’s Voice Activated Advertising. A trend that is currently in the early stages, but is expected to be here for the long run. Brands will be able to communicate via different devices including Alexa, Siri, Smart Homes, and the list goes on! The future is set for devices to be controlled with audio. Thus, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to begin developing their own audio branding, to stay ahead of the trend, and master audio advertising.

Let’s not forget music streaming services!

Lisa: “Haha, that as my final one, this medium has already shown to be pivotal to the world of audio advertising, and is one that’s definitely here to stay. While in traditional markets, I think that radio is still being utilized as an important aspect of media strategies, people are moving away from radio with brands diverting their attention to music streaming platforms. 2022 is the time for industries to react, brands that incorporate streaming services into their radio plans, are set to gain incremental reach and stay ahead of the game. Music streaming services are the new baseline for audio advertising, it’s a transition that needs to be made and a simple one at that, by using streaming platforms as an extension to audio spots you already have.

I really believe that audio advertising opens the door to endless opportunities, encouraging increased engagement, and new creative solutions. Take Spotify for example, offering the 3D audio feature, providing high quality advertising through an immersive, dynamic, and sensory audio experience. Users are situated into the story in an authentic virtual listening environment, capturing their attention as they can not only hear the ad, but also feel the message.

I definitely think that for traditional radio, it was important to be loud, or at least louder than your competitors, in order to be heard. I’m sure that the attention span of radio listeners is considered generally lower in comparison to personalized platforms, such as Spotify, in which you’re able to whisper in your audio spot, with users not only hearing but also listening. But now advertisers now have the opportunity to create higher quality quieter audio spots, encouraging creativity with the immersive audio experience. This is an incredible balance of new, fun, and exciting advertising, whilst not disturbing consumers.

Would you say that remaining relevant, bold, and interactive are all top priority?

Lisa: “Definitely! There is a playlist for every possible activity, from morning relaxation and cooking, to epic workouts, and partying. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, Spotify has the ability to be your constant companion, and based on that data, can deliver incomparable contact-based advertising. For example, let’s pretend you are a sports brand looking to reach some gym bunnies. This offers the perfect opportunity to reach users at the gym, listening to a workout playlist. Reaching relevant users at the right moment, with the right message, is crucial to audio advertising success.

Playful brand engagement is another opportunity for brands to use audio in an exciting way, encouraging an interactive experience with users. This can be done through the creation of brand playlists, providing the user with relevant content, during their day to day life, all whilst ensuring the content is not too sales driven, or overly brand focused, and provides value to the user.

This is very insightful! So let’s cut to the chase, how do you get started?

Lisa: “A very good question. So, implementing audio into your media strategy  highly depends on your existing brand strategy. If your brand is already active with audio spots on radio, then the first step would be to implement audio streaming as a radio extension to the plan. For video-based brands that need to show and explain the product, it is advised to stick to your existing strategy and use the Spotify video formats. For those wanting to try something new and creative, start with a branded account, and a branded playlist, to kick start user interaction on the platform.

A lot also depends on the goal and the budget available; the standard procedure would be to use Spotify as a radio extension, using audio spots the company already has, meaning no additional investments are needed. In more innovative markets, where the budgets and campaigns may be bigger, there is an amazing opportunity for contextual advertising, to employ different messages for different users, contingent on time and activity, and this is the true power of Spotify.

So, for the brands just testing the waters, we suggest starting with existing audio spots, using them in several channels to figure out what is best for you. But for the more advanced and experienced brands, with larger budgets available, contextual advertising has every possibility for success.

One thing for certain, is that in 2022 the power of audio ads is undeniable, but like all other new media or tactics, audio advertising needs to be approached holistically, and work in parallel with your existing strategy.

Audio ads should never be understood as a stand-alone strategy; instead, they should be included in the overall digital brand marketing plan. If your company or your brand hasn’t yet started with audio branding, the time is now. Find your audio USP, highlight what differentiates your brand from competitors, find your specific audio voice, decide on relevant messaging, and get creative!

As Spotify has just celebrated its 15th birthday since its launch in 2008, much has changed. Today the platform is among the most popular music streaming services with over 182 million premium users worldwide. Spotify is a digital audio platform offering music, podcast, and video service from creators all over the world.  

What is digital audio? Good question. Audio advertising is often linked back to traditional radio campaigns, which explains why digital audio can be confused with digital radio. But digital audio in today’s modern landscape, not only covers digital radio but has since expanded to include music streaming services and podcasts. 

Let’s look at some key elements of audio advertising and how they are expected to develop during the year.


The world of audio advertising is increasingly becoming more automated, with programmatic ad buys for digital audio predicted to hit an estimated 21% of the total ad buying transactions in the US.

Moreover, programmatic advertising delivers enhanced targeting capabilities based on listener patterns, with brands able to deliver extremely targeted messaging at scale. It also lends itself to Dynamic Creatives, enabling brands to adapt various elements of an audio ad, based on their target audience’s habits.

As programmatic gains scale with targeting and dynamic creatives, it ultimately impacts ad experience and campaign effectiveness.

Spotify top tips

Creative Interactivity

As the number of digital listeners increases across all devices, as does the growth of innovative technology. Brands can now connect with users on a shorter conversation path, resulting in accelerated positive actions in shorter succession. 

Furthermore, interactivity allows for active measurement of the message and campaign. With Interactivity, audio ads can be used to connect and move users down the funnel, from awareness to conversion, with a direct call to action.

Integrated Messaging

This is easier said than done. Digital audio works best when the messaging is integrated into the larger campaign, matching tone and content, to reinforce the message, and thus deliver an engaging seamless experience for users.

Renewable energy supplier, E.ON, launched a synchronised digital audio campaign, receiving highly encouraging results. The campaign not only delivered a significant increase in brand consideration, but also resulted in a 4X increase in smart metre signups. In addition, the campaign was delivered by geofencing specific OOH sites, serving corresponding digital audio messages to listeners in those geofenced zones. (Source. GingerMay PR).

Spotify Top Tips 2

Local, Retail, or SMB Advertisers will Increase Their footprint on Digital Audio

Overall, streaming audio including podcasts is expected to grow by 17% in 2022, second only to streaming OTT/ Video. This growth will be fuelled by local advertisers, expecting to increase ad spend on streaming audio, compared to targeted banners or broadcast TV. 

As SMBs gear up for a rebound in 2022, they will look for ad opportunities that can provide direct and creative messaging, as well as response oriented formats. Thus, digital audio is well-positioned to take a huge slice of the local digital advertising pie.

The Rise of Influencers and Creators

There is a strong synergy between influencers and podcasts. The ability to hold attention spans of audiences for 20-40 minutes, discussing brands or products, is becoming a fundamental element of marketing and brand awareness.

As we become ever increasingly a world of sceptics, Millennial and GenZ audiences are moving away from traditional societal institutions, from political and social discussions, to fashion and news, these generations are choosing instead to place their trust in other sources that feel more authentic. Thus, podcasters have emerged as a refreshing class of creators who appear more accessible and trustworthy to these audiences.

Spotify Top Tips 3

Experimentation: Opening the Door to Collaboration and Cultural Connect

The world of digital audio, alongside advancements in technology, targeting, and content, is creating in-roads across the marketing funnel. For brands, to make the most out of digital audio, they need to look at collaboration and culture connect, rather than just media metrics. Digital audio lends itself very well to all brand messaging, whether simple or complex.

Moment Marketing

A great example of moment marketing is Spotify’s streaming intelligence functionality. This enables advertisers to understand their listeners’ moods, mindsets, habits, and tastes, and all in a single moment. Based on these insights’ brands are able to customise their messages according to the listener’s current activity i.e. working out, entertaining, cooking, commuting, etc.

Interest targeting can also be used to reach audiences via the topics they are passionate about. Moreover, through genre targeting brands can reach out and introduce themselves to potential new audiences via their streams of choice.

So, in these evolving times, when audiences are harder to excite, staying ahead is imperative. It’s important to remember that research and consumer insights are for sure your friend, build your relationships with the chosen audience, and make the most of the services and platforms at your disposal. Contact Httpool for more top tips!

Httpool is now an exclusive representative for Spotify Advertising in Mongolia. Spotify added Mongolia to its markets in March last year, and through Httpool now offers a palette of innovative advertising solutions for brands to reach its highly engaged audience of young listeners and leverage the rising power of digital audio.

“We are excited to bring this opportunity to leverage the power of digital audio to advertisers in Mongolia, and support them as they discover, understand and leverage the full potential of audio advertising.” said Khosbayar Mendsaikhan, Httpool Mongolia.

This partnership represents a valuable opportunity for Mongolian advertisers to reach their audiences as they enjoy music with Spotify Free.

Httpool is Spotify Advertising’s exclusive representative in over 35 Asian and European markets.

“Introducing Httpool in Mongolia was a natural transition for our operations in APAC and we are excited about supporting the local advertising community.” commented Sunny Nagpal, Regional Director of Httpool in APAC. “ We are determined to leverage our best practices from our other Asian and European markets and bring top level service to local businesses, agencies and brands.”

Spotify offers multiformat ad experiences including audio, video and display across thousands of devices, during any moment of the day. With Spotify’s streaming intelligence – its unique data and insights based on users’ streaming behaviors – advertisers can tailor their ads and messaging to resonate with their audiences’ needs and mindsets based on the context in which they are listening.

Spotify Mongolia

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Špela Majcen Marušič, Global PR Manager, Httpool,,

About Httpool
Httpool is an Aleph Group, Inc company, a leading global enabler of digital advertising, serving as a crucial link at the core of the global digital ecosystem by connecting the largest digital platforms with thousands of advertisers and billions of consumers in emerging and underserved countries.

We have commercial and, in many cases, exclusive agreements with over 30 of the leading digital platforms, including: Twitter, Meta, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify and Twitch. Through these relationships, we provide digital platforms with a sustainable and scalable way to monetize their advertising inventory in emerging countries at little additional cost and complexity. We combine these relationships with an extensive global footprint and an end-to-end digital advertising solution that enables advertisers in 90 countries across 43 different currencies to reach close to 3 billion consumers and maximize their digital advertising potential.

About Spotify
Spotify transformed music listening forever when it launched in 2008. Discover, manage and share over 70 million tracks, including more than 3.2 million podcast titles, for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features for music including improved sound quality and an on-demand, offline, and ad-free music listening experience.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

Today, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with 381m users, including 172m subscribers, across 184 markets.

by Adam Bezeczky, Regional Press Officer CEE


Pöttyös, the famous Hungarian dessert brand, and Spotify start the year with an innovative joint campaign, unique to the whole Central and Eastern European region. The iconic polka dotted packaging of the product has been replaced by hearts and short greetings until Valentine’s Day and further features a unique code that can be scanned with the Spotify app. Spotify’s proprietary codes work similarly to QR codes and lead to customised playlists that capture the cheerful sentiment of the short greetings.

From 10th of January until 14th February 2022, Hungary’s most-loved brand Pöttyös Túró Rudi will be back for its ninth traditional heart campaign. The essence of the campaign has remained unchanged for nine years: the red dots change to hearts for Valentine’s Day, and the packaging of the dessert is decorated with personalised messages. These messages express a happy state of mood and can be used to send a message to loved ones, family, friends or colleagues. According to Barbara Harangozó, Senior Brand Manager of Pöttyös, the popularity of the heart-shaped campaign is based on constant renewal:


“Every year we tweak the basic concept of the campaign to successfully engage and activate consumers. This year, we’re making the Túró Rudi experience digitally shareable with codes that lead to themed Spotify music playlists. We have selected songs for the playlists that convey the cheerful, optimistic attitude to life that is associated with the Pöttyös brand.”

Music already played an important role in the 2019 campaign, when well-known national lyrics were used on the limited editions Pöttyös Túró Rudi. This year, thanks to the unique collaboration between Pöttyös and Spotify, we can really put our feelings to music. 

“It’s always special when two love brands come together and work on a creative initiative. Spotify is inseparably associated with music and Pöttyös Túró Rudi with delicious desserts. Httpool, the exclusive representative of Spotify on the Hungarian market, is proud to present such an innovation together with Spotify and Pöttyös for the first time in the Central and Eastern European region.” – said Zsuzsa Fekete, Senior Client Solutions Manager at Spotify, Httpool.


Spotify’s proprietary codes are similar to QR codes that can be scanned through the Spotify app to access nearly forty playlists by consumers of the limited edition Pöttyös desserts. Featuring TOP200 hits from the best-known Hungarian and international artists, the themed playlists are packed with iconic songs that all ages can hum along. Creative support for the campaign was provided by ACG Advertising Agency.


About Pöttyös

Pöttyös is a true homegrown love brand, an iconic Hungarian brand that has been making people smile for over half a century. As a multi-generational favourite, Pöttyös is known and loved by everyone, from children to grandparents. The history of the brand began with Túró Rudi, a fresh cottage cheese, but thanks to continuous product development, fans can now choose from a wide variety of Pöttyös delicacies. In 2015, a sponge cake-based milk dessert was introduced, followed by Guru, a modern, multidimensional taste experience. In April 2019, the first liquid Pöttyös product, Pöttyös Cocoa Milk, became available and in the summer of 2021 the first spoonable Pöttyös Cheese Dessert hit the shelves. Pöttyös is both traditional and innovative, with a strong focus on understanding new consumer needs and popular trends.  

Eva Šlajsová, Spotify Sales Operations, Httpool Czech Republic 

Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with 365m users, including 165m subscribers, across 178 markets. Its capabilities, however, go way beyond what our ears can take in. Apart from providing its customers with excellent music collections worldwide, Spotify also provides a platform for brands to execute fantastic marketing and advertising strategies.

Spotify’s user growth has been phenomenal in the past year, with a total number of 165m subscribers (as of June 30, 2021) and 365 Million monthly active users (as of June 30, 2021) across 178 markets.

People on Spotify are present throughout the day, here and now as they listen to their favorite songs at home, during a commute, or at the office. So this is your chance to pitch them. Anywhere they go.

Let’s look at how Spotify can put that “cherry on top” of your marketing efforts and help you work towards reaching your business goals.

Audio and display ads: Choose your campaign wisely.
You might expect Spotify audiences to only respond to audio messages, but Spotify advertising isn’t limited to only what we can hear.
Spotify also offers display advertising to get your brand’s message over to the audience. Mobile screens are your key medium as people select songs using their smartphones.




Utilize Spotify Marketing Tools That Are Tailored For You
We now have a better understanding of the kind of marketing initiatives that can be executed on Spotify. The next stage is to figure out how to make our campaign one of the greatest in the world in a timely, efficient, and competent manner.

This is where the platforms and tools come into play. Spotify is an excellent tool for marketing and advertising. There are unique tools for each element of Spotify ads, just as specific tools for audio and display ad campaigns.


Spotify beginner


Be innovative: Create your branded profile & playlist
Your brand has a distinct identity. It has a voice, a method of operation, and presenting itself to the audience. You are continually functioning from a perception of your brand persona in whatever you do or stand for.


Beginner Spotify


Extend this brand persona to Spotify by creating your unique playlist to share with your target audience. In addition to music, the branded playlists include your brand logo and share it via the Spotify code and use it for your further communication.

Of course, the songs you chose should reflect your brand’s personality, and you will be heard, seen and loved by those who enjoy the same style, even if they haven’t had a previous connection to your brand.

Music unites and connects. It encompasses our thoughts and speaks to our feelings. Audio is an escape that many of us take after a busy day.

Thus brands who leverage the full power of Spotify advertising, reach their target audiences in ways they haven’t been able to do before.

Looking for new and engaging ways to tell your audience about your incredible Black Friday offers? Spotify has got you covered.

Black Friday Spotify

Spotify has created a space where businesses of any size can effectively promote their business using Spotify ads, your business will be able to reach your customers whilst they are listening to music or podcasts which they know and love!


Talk to your customers throughout the day

Spotify users who listen across multiple devices spend an average of 2.5 hours listening to their favourite music and/or podcasts everyday. 73% of US Spotify users engage with different types of audio depending on who they are with and what they are doing.

Think about it, there are many different times of the day when you might be clicking on your Spotify app… in the morning when getting ready, on your way to work, during a workout session at the gym, entertaining friends, the list goes on!

The best way to effectively engage with your audience is to create ads which are relevant to the audio they are streaming. 

For example if you’re looking to reach an audience of comedy lovers, you are able to reach listeners who listen to similar podcasts and target them with relevant messages. 


Create emotional connections through sound 

Neuro-Insight, a leading firm in the field of cognitive research, recently partnered with Spotify to study the effects which different sounds have on the brain. 


Their research four ways in which sound can impact the effectiveness of an advertisement:

Engagement: the relevance of the ad and how reliable the information is.

Emotional Intensity: the level of emotions your audience feels when engaging with the ad. 

Long term memory: feelings or memories brought on by the ad.

Long term memory for details: the specific details and messages associated with the ad. 


And so audio ads have that extra advantage to help your brand stand out from the crowd, by engaging and creating a deeper connection with your audience through triggering emotions and memories. This leads to higher engagement and therefore higher conversion rates. 


How cool is that?!

By Eva Slajsova, Spotify Sales Operations Manager, Httpool Czech Republic 


Halloween is a fun holiday, and so could be your creatives. So don’t be shy and try to use this holiday to do something new, communicate your product in an unexpected way, or do something fun because Halloween is just a perfect time for that.
If not on Halloween then when?!

You can personalize your ads and grab your listeners’ attention through the spooky and immersive sound of 3D / 8D Audio… Or you can play with your playlist and create one for a Halloween party 🙂 Or go with a funny Homepage takeover – which is “an exclusive sponsorship of the Spotify Homepage for a day” – and “put your brand at center stage on the front of Spotify’s Homepage.”

Homepage takeover not only allows you to “deliver a high-impact experience by showcasing your brand message on the front of Spotify’s Desktop Homepage for 24 hours but also helps you to increase awareness with premium brand placement”. Don’t be afraid to “appeal to emotions“, “craft your storytelling” or even “team up with artists“. All this can help your brand stand out and increase relevance for your audience.


We gathered some Inspirational Halloween Campaigns

1) Mali-boo
Country: UK

„We utilized an HPTO, 3D audio and digital experience to allow Malibu to own the Halloween moment. The 3D audio creative brought to life the sounds of a Malibu house party, drawing on the sounds of mixing the perfect Halloween cocktail. The digital experience invited users to get their spooky party playlist based on their Halloween costume. On the payoff page, users could enjoy a new playlist inspired by their costume choice and explore an accompanying cocktail recipe with Malibu.“

Mali Boo

2) Fanta
Country: UK

Fanta’s Dare you Taste the Dark

„We were told by Coca-Cola that limited edition product demand is fuelled by FOMO in 16-24s, making the scarce availability of Fanta’s Dark Orange irresistible to the target audience.“
„With this understanding, we partnered to put the FEAR into FEAR OF MISSING OUT. The partnership included 3D audio featuring spooky immersive sounds and sponsorship of New Music Friday with the messaging, “Dare to try something new?”

Fanta Taste the terror

Fanta Spotify


What are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your Spotify Halloween campaign! 👻

Insights & news

Spotify provides access to the audience of 24 million passionate, music loving users across 55 countries. Spotify gives instant access to millions of songs and allows users to play, discover and share music.

On December 12th, Spotify was launched in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary in partnership with initial launch sponsors, Coca Cola, KFC and VIVACOM.

Highly engaging environment of Spotify, accessible from mobile and desktop devices, creates premium, engaging and high impact advertising opportunities. Multiple ad formats bring advertisers in the heart of music, enable unique co-branding and access to engaged, music loving audience. Spotify breaches the gap between radio and display advertising by playing its listeners an audio ad in sync to display ad. Besides, its Branded Playlist enables advertisers a native advertising opportunity through sharing playlist on Facebook.

Aljoša Jenko, Founder and CEO of Httpool explained that, “Spotify perfectly fits Httpool’s cross channel and device position and the exclusive representation of Spotify additionally strengthens Httpool’s premium, global ad network. Httpool is excited to become Spotify’s exclusive representative across multiple markets in the CEE and thrilled to offer agencies unique advertising opportunities.”

About Httpool

Httpool is a cross channel advertising network focusing on international markets outside the United States and Western Europe. It empowers agencies to efficiently execute advertising campaigns across display, video, engagement, social and performance channels, both on mobile and desktop devices. Httpool employs the most advanced proprietary and licensed technologies, has extensive international experience and represents thousands of selected global and local publishers across its 18 Central and Eastern European and Asian offices.

For more information please contact:

About Spotify

Spotify is an award-winning digital music service that gives you on-demand access to over 20 million tracks.  Our dream is to make all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, wherever and whenever they want it.  Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage and share music with your friends, while making sure that artists get a fair deal.

Spotify is now available in 55 markets across the world, with more than 24 million active users and over 6 million paying subscribers: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Since its launch in Sweden in 2008, Spotify has driven more than a billion US dollars to rights holders. Spotify is already the second biggest source of digital music revenue for labels in Europe (IFPI, 2011) and the biggest and most successful music streaming service of its kind globally.

For more information please contact:


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Spotify is the most powerful music streaming platform in the world, which can be accessed at any time.