By Tin Klasić, Senior Clients Solution Manager, Httpool


Whether you trick or treat this Halloween, it’s time to embrace all things spooky. Spend October reaching out to  your audience and make sure they remember exactly what you have to offer. This time of year creativity is key and incorporating a little “scare” into your strategy goes a long way. One thing we’re always telling our clients is to utilize the fun side of Facebook advertising; after all, social media is a place for people to kick back, relax and discover new things. Creating content that has meaning to your existing or future customers helps strengthen brand rapport, helping them remember you in the long run. So this spooky season, why not use Halloween to your advantage and let your brand’s personality shine through.


We’ve put together a list of our Halloween hot tips for mobile creative practices, helping you achieve maximum visibility this October and beyond.

  1. Don’t skip the costume fitting – use creatives optimized towards mobile viewing with an aspect ratio of 1:1 or 9:16 for Facebook Stories.
  2. Seize the silence – make sure people can understand your ad without sound. Sound is great as an additional element to bring a new dimension to the creative, but it shouldn’t be the star of the show.
  3. Be brave with branding – start promoting early so users familiarise themselves with your company and message. Include interactive elements, enticing users to leave a comment or send a message to help build relationships.
  4. Don’t be scared to clown around – Facebook offers a variety of creative tools from single images, video, carousels, collection, instant experiences, and more. Use all of them to your advantage this Halloween, have some fun, break the norms and think outside of the box (or goody bag) this season.

Facebook Halloween

One thing to remember is to always differentiate between the communication you have in your organic and paid content. People follow your Facebook and Instagram accounts expecting quality content that makes them smile, the last thing they want is to follow a feed looking like an 80’s sales catalog filled with discounts and prices. 


So this Halloween, get your haunt on in your organic content and share your story with existing followers while using paid ads to bring your products and services to the attention of new customers.

By Rohan Noronha, Facebook Partner Director, Httpool Bangladesh


Over the past several years, Bangladesh has made impressive progress in the field of e-commerce. This progress was more visible from the start of last year when the unfortunate Covid outbreak started and the unprecedented shutdown. Due to the pandemic, many have turned to the sector for livelihood. According to the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-cab), business transactions worth BDT7000 crore took place in 2020 through traditional e-commerce platforms.

With more people now accepting digital practices such as online shopping, digital payments, and home delivery services, business online has become more accessible. According to Statista, the online shopping market in Bangladesh was worth 1,648 million dollars in 2019 and is expected to grow to 2 thousand 77 million dollars this year, and 3 thousand 77 million dollars in 2023.

Datareprotal reports that there are 47.61 million internet users in Bangladesh, and out of this, 45 million are social media users. These vast numbers of users are potential consumers for e-commerce businesses. With Facebook’s innovative and effective tools to conduct businesses, business owners have a very effective way of connecting with the consumers.

While running a business on Facebook is relatively easy, there are certain things one should consider before they fully engage in it, especially if they are going to run digital advertising campaigns;

Getting started with digital advertising: Facebook offers a suite of advertising tools to fit the needs of all advertisers. For those brand new to digital advertising, they provide lightweight ad creation tools that allow them to create, manage and track the success of their ads directly from the Facebook Page. Ads Manager will enable advertisers to create, manage, and access advanced advertising features for those looking for more advertising options.


Grow business’s online presence and extend reach: According to a report by the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), there are 2,000 web-based enterprises and 50,000 social media-based entrepreneurs. But growing online presence is essential to ensure sustainability in businesses. Facebook advertising may be a natural next step to reach more of the target groups of businesses. And to do so, businesses need to create a Facebook Page for their businesses. Facebook Page can add credibility to ads and give people a place to learn more about businesses.


Aligning ads with business goals: Before conducting advertising campaigns, one should first align the purpose of the ads with the business goals they want to achieve through it. Such as if a business person wants to drive engagement on their social media posts, they should consider boosting their posts or if they want more customers to visit their website, they can try website ads through social media. Properly aligning their ads with business goals could assist them in achieving more return on investment.


Find new customers: Due to the pandemic, the Bangladeshi e-commerce sector has witnessed exceptional growth. Considering the social media usage in the country, there are lots of potential customers for every business. To reach new people, one can even use tools such as Lookalike Audiences. A Lookalike audience can be built based on fans or Facebook Page or from a Custom Audience created by uploading a customer list. A Lookalike Audience works by identifying the typical qualities of people in the target audience (ex, the people who like Facebook Page) and then finds people who are similar to (or “look like”) them. A businessperson can target ads to these Lookalike Audiences to expand his reach, find new customers and grow his business.


Learn more about the customers: Learning and understanding the customers and their needs can always assist any business to grow more. When businesses run ads on Facebook, they access their campaigns insights through their page’s ad center tab or Ads manager. Business owners will be able to see current updates on how a particular ad is performing. For example, one can see how their audience responds, where their audience is from, their age demographics, and more. They’ll also see data related to the goal of their ad. For example, if they boosted a post, they can track the number of engagements the post received from the people who saw their ad. When they start tracking their ads, they can leverage those insights to inform business decisions, like the types of people they’d like to target and how.


New technologies, new shopping behaviors, and new customers are entering the market every day. These changes are opening up big opportunities for digital consumer business that can pivot quickly into the new ways of marketing.

By Rohan Noronha, Facebook Partner Director, Httpool Bangladesh


It’s no secret that machine learning and artificial intelligence have become a massive part of our everyday lives, existing in all shapes and sizes, including the Facebook algorithm – delivering results to advertising campaigns worldwide.

Facebook’s machine learning algorithms influence everything from budget optimization to dynamic text, making it easier and more cost-efficient for any business to identify their ideal consumer on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

And while the system can seem confusing to a newcomer, there are two key factors influencing which ads are shown at any given time. One you can control (target audience, goals, and ad quality), and another is managed solely by the Facebook algorithm (auctioning).

The heart

Marketers, through the use of highly targeted demographics, can effectively reduce the number of irrelevant ad placements on Facebook. Essentially, they are given the chance to tell the AI robots exactly what kind of person they wish to view their ads. After all, there’s no point in offering kitchen appliances to those ordering take-out every night! And the targeting possibilities are almost endless – think age, location, gender, interests, activities, and even past behaviour and interactions online. Your target audience can also now be generated from an email list or created as a look-a-like to a previously existing audience.

The campaign goal is completely in the control of the advertiser and needs to be strategically thought through before implementation. And when you know exactly what you want to achieve, enter the Facebook algorithm, assessing the possibility of this happening and evaluating user behavior to provide an estimated action rate.

But, nothing matters more than the quality of your ad. Facebook awards each ad with its very own quality score, determined by another of its machine learning models. For example, if users are seen to be hiding your ad, it can’t be providing much value to your audience. Actions like these lower an ads score and decrease its chances of appearing in the future. On the flip side, ads generating higher levels of engagement, in turn, have a higher quality score and appear more frequently on the platform.

The brain

If an ad’s target audience, goals, and quality score are at its heart, then the Facebook algorithm is the brain beating it. The two work together in parallel as the algorithm’s goal is to guarantee advertisers the best price-performance ratio. For example, if machine learning predicts that an individual will ignore an ad, the decision to place it should be rethought as the estimated action rate will be lowered.

girl robot

When business leaders hear the word “auction,” they automatically assume that the highest bidder wins. But in reality, we’ve seen that offering to pay the most is only a minor factor in the equation of the Facebook auction. If the machine learning algorithm forecasts higher levels of engagement and favorable replies, you may have the lowest bid, but the race is still yours to win.

robot mirror

And as always, we need to make sure that our heart is in the right place, and our brain is stimulated. While we may have no influence over this machine learning model, the preparations we take while planning ad campaigns are critical. Deliver a weak ad and you won’t get very far. So make the most of your planning and strategy, leveraging analytics to improve your ad over time. This way Facebook machine learning models will work in your favor, and your heart will always go on.

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