By Amal Hussein, Copywriter / Eds Sarina L Shanley

Meta Easter 2022

What is all the fuss about Easter? How is it celebrated? And, how can you create a successful campaign for the occasion? This blog will answer all of those questions and more.

So, what is Easter? For those who really don’t know – we’ve got you! Easter is the BIGGEST traditional spring holiday, marked across more than 95 countries worldwide. It holds significant meaning to the many, from religious beliefs, to simply a love of chocolate eggs. The holiday is known to signify the awakening of nature, new beginnings, new opportunities, and of course, getting ready for Easter!

One of the earliest recorded celebrations of Easter goes back to as far as the 2nd century, and whilst the name ‘Easter’ is used in the English-speaking world, many more cultures refer to it as ‘Passover’ (for instance, ‘Pascha’ in Greek), a reference to the Jewish Festival of Passover. Easter was then reshaped as a domestic holiday in the late 1700s, but before this date, children were rarely the centre of attention.


Where did the Easter Bunny Come From?

As mentioned Easter for some holds significant religious relevance, believed to be a Christian holiday that represents the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecies. As for me, when I was in school, I was taught that an Easter egg was a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection, both a metaphor for new life and a physical symbol of the tomb itself. Moreover, during the Mediaeval period it became a custom to stop eating eggs during lent (the 40 days before Easter), and on Easter Sunday – to tuck in!

From the 17th century onwards, what was known as the ‘discovery of childhood’ had profound effects on how everything, including Easter, was celebrated. At this point, Easter eggs and the Easter bunny became especially important. But why? Well, Rabbits are traditionally a symbol of fertility and a metaphor for a new life, much like the resurrection of Christ.

So how can we go about translating this to Meta advertising techniques? Stay with us, we’re getting there!

Advertising for Easter

Easter is a Time of Increased Engagement & Content Sharing

The chimes of Lindt bunny bells being purchased, Easter bank holiday scheduling, and increased social media chatter, all can be heard about a week before the start of the Easter holiday. As we always say, timing is crucial when it comes to campaigning for any holiday, so taking this into account when planning campaigns is a key first step. It is also good to note that women, during the Easter period, post four times more than men, making them a stronger target demographic. Moreover, statistics show that high engagements are achieved among 25-44 years olds as the optimum easter audience.

How consumers choose to spend the Easter holiday can vary, some take the opportunity to escape on holiday, others see it as family time, or simply a time to explore and build connections. Therefore as a business, this is the perfect time for you to build those connections with consumers, home in on their conversations, and get involved in the discussion.


Although many businesses may not think it, Easter is a major holiday and generates millions in sales each year, it is a solid opportunity for you to increase the awareness of your brand!

But how do you infiltrate conversations, raise your awareness and stay relevant during this holiday? Good question, we recommend leveraging the power of hashtags! Research suggests there are five main hashtags used over the Easter period, utilising these to maximise the reach of your posts.

#Spring, #Family, #Present, #EasterBreak, #Fun

Thinking Outside the Easter Egg

Believe it or not, 42% of the conversations surrounding Easter occur before the day itself, so there is a surplus of active discussions to take part in during the lead up days. Moreover, 57% of people consider Easter to be a ‘proper’ holiday worth celebrating. So, these will be the ones who will be most invested in your campaigns, not to worry you but…that’s a large audience!

Of course though don’t turn a blind eye to the other percentage, 43% of people that aren’t as interested in Easter shopping, use this information to advertise other products or services during this time, catering to both sides of your audience.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that there are still some myths associated with the Easter holiday period, therefore ensure you discover the truths during your campaign planning.

Meta Easter


Boost Your Online Presence


You may feel a little stuck on how to navigate your social channels for different holidays, but we’ve got you sorted on where to start:

Yes, time is of the essence but …

  • Make sure you still keep everything up to date.
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Don’t rush.
  • Don’t leave any gaps or take shortcuts.
  • Last but not least, research, research, research!!

Be serious about your community, work on your channels systematically, and don’t be afraid to get extra help. Remember it’s not over until the Easter bunny sings!

New Creative Options to Engage Audiences

Here are two creative techniques that you can pick to engage your audiences:

  1. Reels: These are fun and short videos where you can add music, sticker overlays, effects and more. Reels are then recommended to customers that algorithms depict will be interested, thus reaching more users.
  2. Branded Content: This allows businesses to work with influencers, altering the level of impact and expanding potential reach to new sectors. When a brand partners with a company or celebrity for example, the published content will appear on both channels, thus in theory doubling reach, creating an organic key audience to target.

The Benefits of a Larger Online Presence

  • Adds context to your ads, making them cheaper, and more effective.
  • Provides improved post and page insights, allowing you to better tailor marketing efforts.
  • The perceived influence will increase and amp up your credibility factor.

When planning your marketing efforts, you can observe and table your campaigns to certain demographics, with the psychological data in your channels. This is much better than trying to guess your audience with broad targeting.

So, which one of these techniques do you think will add value to your online channels?

A) Share positive customer feedback

B) Post often about trending topics (peak the interest of Gen Z)

C)Answer every single comment on your posts in a timely manner

D) Schedule live video content and talk to your audience in real-time

The answer is in fact all the above! All need to be carefully taken into consideration when looking to successfully add value to your online channels.


Here are the last few things to consider, in order to help maximise your Ad performance, and ensure you deliver the best results during Easter. We recommend that you first check your Pixel and SDKs are working correctly, whether you are using a website or mobile app, it is essential to make sure your business is receiving the highest number of signals from Meta. This enables you to get the best possible delivery and performance. (You can do this by checking Events Manager)

We also recommend verifying that your conversion API is running and is up to date. This is because broader data today is not enhanced enough to get information about your customers, so using conversion API with your Pixel ensures that you receive maximum data from the people you interact with, and who interact with your business. It also allows Facebook to get directly into your server, boosting your Ad performance! It is important to make sure that you can handle the demand during the Easter holiday, skipping over this may affect your quality score.


Here are a few Ad formats and options that can help you achieve your goals:

Lead Gen – You’re eager to bring new people to your business but filling in forms after visiting a landing page can be difficult on mobile. Facebook Lead ads offer people an easy solution – they can simply tap your ad and fill out a form using their already pre-populated contact information on Meta. Easy Peasy.

Prospecting Campaign – The prospecting campaign is a Facebook ad campaign that reaches a wide audience and attracts people who are potentially interested in your business. These people may not have heard of your brand, so you’re trying to convert a cold audience into customers. In this instance, use every option available.

Solutions for Prospecting – Dynamic ads unite brand and direct response. Use multi-language and multi-country dynamic ads to localise key products, language and currency information by country.


So, what have we learnt? Well firstly, every successful campaign begins with clear ideas and planning, to ensure the best results are achieved. Ensure that your objectives align with your business to deliver an efficient campaign. It is also important to set realistic KPIs, this will help you to evaluate your existing digital channels, allowing you to build your strategy from a strong base, so you won’t feel overwhelmed or confused when you look at the reports.

To understand the benefits of a wider audience, always make sure that you are utilising the advanced options in the ad manager. Ask yourself, are you making use of your target audiences? (e.g. Women, Gen Z) Have you used all of your creative techniques to engage a new audience? (E.g. Reels, Branded Content). Lastly, ensure your company is cashing in on the abundance of chatter occurring in the days leading up to Easter, but most of all, enjoy preparing your Easter and Spring campaigns, your customers want to feel the joy!

By Amal Hussein, Copywriter, Httpool

An Introduction to International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day began with 15000 women standing together in solidarity to march through the streets of New York City in 1908, demanding shorter working hours, better pay and the right to vote. It was initiated by the Labour Movement, to become a recognised annual event by the United Nations.

International Womens Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is now globally celebrated to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. It is also a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender inequality, reproductive rights, and violence against women.

Due the events recognition by the UN, each year a new theme is announced, and this year’s theme is #BreakTheBias.

This opens the door to fantastic opportunities for businesses, especially amongst those targeting Millennial and Gen Z audiences, as these audiences have the highest online presence, and thus expect the most from brands regarding diversity and inclusion. In fact, 76% of Gen Z and 72% of Millennials agree that diversity and inclusion (D&I) is an important topic for businesses to address.

Meta Womens International Day


When focusing on Women Empowerment, campaigns typically fall into the following categories: educational, charitable, or purely celebratory. As the understanding and awareness of IWD day grows, as to does the notion of gifting. It is important to bear in mind that not only flowers are considered for this occasion, personalised gifts, spa treatments and do it yourself lessons are also growing in popularity.

Moreover, similarly to Valentine’s Day the traditional myths no longer apply, and it is not only men gifting women as you may have thought. Women are celebrating women, employers are honouring female employees, and of course, women are treating themselves!


Myths and Truths

The Gift of Giving!

It’s time to leverage the business opportunities, whilst honouring and celebrating women’s rights, start promoting gifts for women, and launch International Women’s Day sales campaigns!

EU Statistics

March 8th is a day to celebrate women of all ages, an opportunity for consumer to show their gratitude, love or appreciation to family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and to themselves. We are seeing a rising trend in women opting to treat themselves, especially in recent years. Women celebrating personal accomplishments by surprising themselves with something they’ve been wanting for a while.

It is important to home in on gifting preferences when planning advertising campaigns, as EU surveys show that more than 40% of women favour massage or a day at the spa. Whilst nearly 1 in 5 would enjoy a personalised photo shoot, or a make-up lesson. Furthermore, it’s worth considering that research also demonstrates 85% of women are loyal to their favourite brands, and that 80% of purchases are also influenced by other women.

The key considerations influencing consumer decisions are the price, discount offers, and the shipping conditions (free shipping). With all of this in mind, lets dive into how you can create a strong IWD advertising strategy.

Promotional Tactics

With the below tools you’ll be able to reward loyal customers, attract new leads, convert prospects, and upsell! The first step is creating a landing page for this occasion, it’s important to pay extra attention here to the product selection, any product that your female customers are usually drawn to, can be specially featured for IWD as limited editions.

This is a time to offer special deals and discounts, solely to female clientele or to all consumers, and get those interest levels peaking. This timeless women’s promotional notion of offering special discounts for IWD will undoubtedly enhance your business, but just ensure that there is a clear timeframe for how long each discount will be valid.

Ideas for IDW promotional tactics



From the creation of personalised codes, offerings of free delivery and next order discounts, to free goodies alongside purchase and buy-one-get-one free advertising, there are a multitude of methods to build up on traffic on your website, app, or store during this global event. One campaign in particular that always seems to be a hit with consumers is the ‘a gift for her’. Now is a great time to keep an eye on buying trends, take note of customer favourites, and build this into marketing tactics to maintain a connection you’re your audience.



IWD campaign planning

If you have launched a new product or service, this is a great time to advertise limited time offers so that consumers can try it out.

Planning for Your Campaign

You must be wondering by now when to actually schedule your campaigns, what objectives to use, and who to target! Don’t fear, our recommendations are here!

Firstly, ensure that you plan ahead and define your core objectives. Keep in mind that no one size fits all, it takes time, preparation, and previous testing. Our tip is to take advantage of the solutions available across the marketing funnel. So, start soon with a campaign that raises awareness, and then a few days before the event switch to driving consideration and action. Now, let’s take a closer look at these actions!

Your first focus will be increasing awareness, your objective here is to boost discovery using brand objectives, or traffic. As for the audience, a broad audience is used for prospecting and value-based lookalikes. When you’re thinking about the audience don’t forget to be inclusive of all genders.

For the second part of the campaign, we have driving consideration and actions. Here focus should shift to conversions and optimisation. Circle back and ensure that previous consumers are targeted, whilst also enticing new engagements. As for the creative, focus on the sales, ensure a strong logo is used, and have a clear call to action.

Driving consideration and action

The Power of Five

Best practices and Recommendations

If you have your pixel implemented, the auto-advance matching option is something you should already have, check in settings to ensure its enabled. This will undoubtedly help improve results, allowing you to keep track of and report metrics, and providing the ability to connect directly with users who have interacted with your advertisements and later made a purchase. Thus, ensuring results are more effective and trustworthy

The power of 5 #1

This is a good time to take advantage and harness the added effectiveness, especially considering signal loss experienced with IOS. It’s easy to implement and important to keep an eye on, to make sure that the results and statistics you are getting are correct.

Simplified Account Structure

For the most part this is a simplistic task unless you have a very detailed and broad client journey. If you have a smaller business, your account structure can be handled within two or three campaigns and then interacted with additional ads.

One popular method is to create content for the prospecting campaigns, using broad targeting to find users who have previously engaged with your business, and retargeting/remarketing as a final step for users who may have uncompleted purchases, bear in mind however that is only based off the number of clients you have in each of the steps. For example, if you only have a few unfinished purchases, it does not make sense to create a new retargeting campaign.

The Power of 5 #2

Previously, from applying limits to ad sets you could gain conversions manually, although still possible, this is not as effective as an algorithm. For example, you can spend the same $30 either manually placing $10 on each of the ads, or you can allow an algorithm to automatically scan and select the ads which perform best.

The Power of 5 #3

So, why not save yourself some time and effort and let the algorithm work its magic? This gives you precious time to apply elsewhere.

The Power of 5 #4

Automatic placement often goes hand in hand with both campaign budget optimisation and retargeting. This allows delivery systems to make the most of the budget, and ensure ads are automatically delivered to your desired audience in the places they’re likely to perform best.

Remember that when it comes to platforms that don’t align with your business the algorithm will automatically not assign too much of a budget to it. If you give it more opportunities to target broadly, then it will give you better results.

The Power of 5 #5

Those of you with a catalogue of products, this one’s for you! In general, when it comes to large e-commerce businesses, it makes a lot more sense to create dynamic ads. This way when a consumer expresses interest in an item from the catalogue, an ad is automatically generated for the person, and delivered direct to their device. Dynamic ads look exactly like other single image, carousel, stories, or collection ads. Thus, a catalogue saves you time and provides flexibility in what you show to consumers.


So, to summarise our campaign tips on how you can best utilise this international Women’s Day; ensure your business is adjusting marketing to target both Gen Z and Millennials during this period. Take advantage of the celebration this event calls for, create ways to engage and attract new audiences using discounts and deals, utilise the events ability to bring women of all ages together. Don’t forget women talk, so give them something to talk about!

Last but not least, make sure you are taking The Power of Five into account at each stage of your campaign. Taking time to see if your campaign has a clear brand objective and implementing sufficient time to check conversions or optimisations. Incorporating all these tips will be sure to see your IWD campaign thriving.

Thank you for reading and make sure to use this International Women’s Day to honour all the women in your life with a truly amazing campaign.

By Josef Hlavacek, SMB Regional Director CEE in SMB

When it comes to the days leading up to Valentine’s, its vital for marketers to make every second count! Valentine’s Day is a holiday based around love and affection, and there’s a sense of gratification that comes from helping people express the way they feel; and what better way than to take advantage of the sweetness behind gifting.

Now like with most national holidays, your business won’t be the only one catering to those wanting to surprise their loved ones. Thus, as always, it’s important to explore the various ways your business can benefit.

The general categories explored by consumers during this period are fashion, jewellery, lifestyle brands, candy, greeting cards and Flowers – think anything sweet!

Lately, especially for Valentine’s, there has been a big emphasis on personalised items, people are more interested in gifts tailored to them specifically, compared to the generic items available off the store shelves. It’s important to try and help people make their loved ones feel as special as possible, even if they potentially have the same gifts as their neighbours.


The best time to push these campaigns are within the 10 day lead up to Valentine’s Day. Campaigns are at their most active between 4th and 13th February, this is when you as marketers can gain the most. It’s important to get your brand and products out there straight away, and then shift focus towards tailored ads, as the day of love approaches. Now is the time to keep reminding people to smell the roses, quite literally, as Valentine’s is officially in the air.

The final three days before Valentine’s is where you can really benefit from marketing, and because people can be generally lazy when it comes to this holiday, it is important to remain consistent as the date approaches. Many need that sense of urgency to buy, and so making use of the last few days is essential!

Are the Statistics as Sweet as the Day Itself?


Valentine’s Day, much like Christmas is a holiday celebrated world-wide. Approximately 20 billion US dollars alone was spent in 2020 for Valentine’s Day, with an estimated 65 million people across Central Eastern Europe purchasing gifts for their loved one. Moreover, reports show that on average 1 in 3 users globally made Valentine’s Day related purchase in 2020.

Each year the opportunity and market surrounding Valentine’s Day increases. It’s very important that despite a reported 62% of men purchasing gifts on Valentine’s Day, compared to only 10% of women in 2020, that campaign efforts remain focused on both genders. Targeting one solely can be off putting and you may send the wrong message to your customers.

Love is in the Air


Traditionally Valentine’s has been known to the masses as a holiday to express your feelings to your intimate loved one, however, as definitions and society has developed through the years, we have seen a shift in the days meaning. Now Valentine’s Day represents a more open view of love.

Valentine’s is a holiday to be shared with all loved ones, from children to parents, friends to family, and all the variations of love your heart desires. It is imperative for marketers that this shift in meaning is considered during the creation of campaigns, generating a sense of inclusion for all. A possible trend waggon for you to jump on this year is ‘Galantines Day’, a movement that has grown in popularity since 2010, often celebrated on the 13th of February by women within their friendship groups. This is a great example of switching up Valentine’s Day material to gain increased results and expand your client base.

Now, to focus on how the masses may spend their day, and what they may be likely to purchase.



Approximately 55% pf people celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other, however 45% still have a slightly different method of celebration. With 12% treating themselves, 10% getting together with family, 3% decide to retain self-control and not buying anything at all, and up to 35% giving gifts such as date nights or an activity.

But what do they buy? Usurpingly, 55% of sales are generated through chocolates, flowers, and sweets, followed by 17% purchasing jewellery. What better way to demonstrate your sweetness than by giving sweets? Good question! But now days it might not be all about gifts for other.


Society is coming around to the idea of self-love more and more over recent years, and Valentine’s is no longer solely focused on purchasing the perfect gift for a loved one, but also taking time to gift yourself! A ‘treat yourself’ campaign is great for those who may not have a valentine, don’t celebrate the day, or who would prefer to spend it alone. Incorporate offers and meal deals for one to harness this trend. This the time to remind your audience that that smell of love in the air should also be directed internally, a little self-love goes a long way.


Key Considerations

Valentine’s Day isn’t just any bog standard shopping event, it’s the first shopping event of the year, therefore it is a key moment for businesses to scale sales. Unlike most other holiday campaign periods, Valentine’s is only relevant for fairly short time, about 2 weeks. Therefore, it is important to get ahead and incorporate this into marketing strategies in advance.

Top Four Valentine’s Practises

  • Treat Others: Take a look at the services you offer and think about how your business can promote products effectively, and how these can be adapted to ‘treat others’ during this holiday. You can prepare gift guides, propose new pricing, and offers for items such as alcohol, cheeseboards, or candy.


  • Treat Yourself: Lots of people opt for the ‘treat yourself’ route for a sense of satisfaction. This can be clothing, jewellery, deals and so on. Offers that showcase festive products. Key words to include are: Affordable Luxury, group events, self-care, and skincare.


  • Seize the moment: With February being the shortest month of the year, and Valentine’s being only a single day event, it is vital to plan ahead, and use the above tips to take advantage of all the lead up days. Emphasize your seasonal items – last minute deals, limited time offers, create urgency, and use countdowns to let them know how many days offers will be active.


  • Own the occasion: Think about your messaging and visuals and how they will affect those seeing them. Ask yourself how do you want to target people? How exactly do you want them to react to your campaign? How can you embrace it as a business and encourage interaction with your brand? And whether you have truly showcased all the avenues of sharing love during this holiday.



Now, you might be tempted to push some of that leftover Christmas, New Year, or even Halloween stock out – but it’s crucial to keep campaigns restricted to the Valentine’s Day theme only. This show’s consumers that you’ve taken the time to find new items they might prefer this season, demonstrating your businesses vision, and commitment to consumers.


By incorporating themes into our campaigns, and creating a visually aesthetic branding technique, it gives the company definition and shows its adaptability to consumerism.



Retargeting and Dynamic Ads


It’s best to avoid narrowing down your timeframes for your audiences, you don’t want to start effecting the components of campaigns. Make sure to leave room in your algorithm to adapt to the new topics being provided.

In addition to retargeting, your business should utilise the power of dynamic ads during Valentine’s Day campaigns. Dynamic ads unite your brand and create a cohesive response. These ads show the right product, to the right people, who have already expressed interest in your ad.

With dynamic ads you can build brand favourability, as creatives are more engaging and personalised. This enables you to acquire new shoppers with relevant products, as you can use retargeting to show them products, they have previously shown interest in.


Furthermore, that encourages re-engagement of high value customers, using upsell and cross sell options.

  • Upsell – encouraging customer to move from one item to another (maybe they like a brand handbag on your website, so you show them different brand)
  • Cross sell – someone purchases an item and then you can cross sell related items from other products.

Don’t let this season of love pass you and your brand by! Use the above to build you perfect campaign this Valentine’s Day.

By Archana Roche, Httpool Measurement Lead APAC


One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions

All through 2021, Httpool conducted a series of measurement programs in Bangladesh helping brands grow. Using Meta Measurement Solutions like Brand Lift Studies, Httpool measured the impact of Meta Marketing on true business outcomes.

By creating methodologies and cadence, we successfully conducted Meta Marketing measurement programs in Bangladesh. Measuring aspects of brand’s product and its competition across categories like Telco, CPG, Financial services and others, in real time. A meta analysis of these brand lift studies have shown significant insights that will help marketers carve a better roadmap for all future brand building strategies.


Here are 5 key Measurement takeaways that helped Bangladesh marketers improve their brand building in 2021

1 key take away

2 key take away

3 key take away

4 key take away

5 key take away


Things you measure tend to improve

“Meta Measurement tools are a powerful way to understand the casual impact of your Meta Advertising on specific business objectives, such as brand recognition or conversion. Adapting the right approach to measurement supports your marketing efforts and empowers you with insights to make smarter decisions on where to invest and optimise.” – Archana Roche


Download the case study here.

By Archana Roche, Facebook Measurement Lead APAC


Coca Cola makes a magical connection with Bangladesh and the world through Facebook Video Ads


When Bangladesh’s iconic beverage brand Coca Cola wanted to celebrate the golden jubilee of the country’s Independence with the world, they partnered with Wavemaker Bangladesh and Httpool to effectively reach customers and make a memorable connection through Facebook Video Ads. The use of a brand lift study to measure the effectiveness of this historic campaign helped understand the incremental impact of Facebook marketing in driving brand metrics amongst its audience delivering strong results as below:






Bringing the world to Bangladesh

Coca-Cola believes in refreshing the world and making a difference with its iconic beverage. It believes that real magic happens when people get together and what we share in common is greater than what sets us apart.


Facebook Video Ads make a magical connection 

Coca-Cola Bangladesh wanted to celebrate the golden jubilee of independence of Bangladesh through their “From the World to Bangladesh” campaign.

The campaign’s goal was to encourage people from all over the world to send good wishes for Bangladesh and create a global connection with the people of Bangladesh through a series of short video ads.

Coca- Cola created a special theme song “#Happy50 Bangladesh” by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, a prominent Bangladesh musician, reflecting the strong love, affection, devotion, and duty for their motherland among the people of Bangladesh. They promoted this theme song through Facebook video ads.

CocaCola11Click to see the video


Reimagining ways to increase brand awareness with Facebook video

Under the Facebook campaign, citizens of over 60 countries all over the world were invited to send their greetings and wishes to Bangladesh in a video format through Coca-Cola’s official Facebook page. In response to the campaign, they added the hashtags #Happy50Bangladesh and #Coca-Cola with their videos.

Congratulatory greetings poured out from famous personalities and people across the world. From West Indian cricketer Andre Russell to regular people from the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, Tunisia, Nigeria, Colombia, Ghana, Panama, and many others joined in the historic celebration on the official Facebook page of Coca-Cola Bangladesh with video messages. The official page was flooded with good wishes and videos showed how well-wishers were happy to be part of the joyous occasion of Bangladesh’s golden jubilee.


CocaCola22Click to see the video

Facebook Solutions

Coca-Cola relied on Facebook Video Ads to showcase real good wishes from across the world to increase brand awareness amongst its most relevant audience based on their interests in soft drinks and International cuisine and aged between 18-35 in the top metros in Bangladesh.

The use of Automatic Placements helped find a wider audience allowing the delivery system to make the most of the budget.

The brand also adopted a test and learn approach with a Brand Lift Measurement study to measure the incremental impact on ad recall and top-of-mind awareness.

Coke333Click to see the video




Golden Success

Facebook successfully helped Coca-Cola achieve its goal, deeply touching the people of Bangladesh and helping make the most memorable connection with the world on its most iconic historic moment. The Facebook brand lift study, which measured the brand awareness from March 25–April 10, 2021, found a positive influence on ad recall and top of mind awareness!



  • +5.0 pts lift in overall Ad Recall

  • +7.8 pts lift in Ad Recall from female audiences

  • +9.5 pts lift in Ad Recall from female GenZ audiences with highest memorability

  • +3.9 pts lift in overall Top of Mind Awareness

  • +4.2 pts lift in Top of Mind from male audiences thinking “Coca Cola comes to mind when they think #Happy50Bangladesh”

  • +6.4 pts lift from millennial males with the highest top-of-mind awareness for the Coca Cola campaign





Download the case study here.

By Tin Klasić, Senior Clients Solution Manager, Httpool


Looking to boost sales this festive period? Look no further! With the holiday season fast approaching it’s time to look back on the lessons learnt this year and discover how to use this knowledge to create successful and engaging campaigns. Below we offer all the top tips for boosting your business on Facebook this Christmas.

The shopping trends and needs of consumers are shifting, the desire to feel entertained, engaged, and inspired is affecting the way in which audiences respond to marketed content. Enter the Facebook Discovery Commerce! This system created by Facebook can help you effectively engage with customers, anticipating their needs, and providing a helping hand to your advert to get it to the appropriate audiences. Read on to discover how customers can use this system to find and shop for various brands such as your own.

Broaden your reach

Take advantage of opportunities that will expand your campaign reach. Don’t forget that just because someone isn’t your regular customer doesn’t mean they may not be purchasing for one of your customers. By letting the Facebook algorithm know what your products are and what your perceived audience is, it will be easier for Facebook ads to reach further afield. Without restrictions, you can target a much larger audience, gaining improved results in the process.

Facebook AI can do the heavy lifting for you. As already mentioned, a broad audience is the first step to letting the AI find the right audience. While selecting which platforms to advertise, don’t select a few which you think are the best performing. Use Automatic Placements, to leverage machine learning, discovering the right audience for your campaign, regardless of the platform they use. Dynamic ads are a great way to show your entire catalogue of products in a unified manner whilst remaining relevant.

Helps boost small businesses

Facebook is a buzzing hub of potential customers exploring various businesses and deciding who to engage with. For small companies this notion may be daunting, and you may be wondering how your business can benefit from Facebook marketing. The truth is Facebook marketing encourages engagement with smaller companies. Take holiday shoppers for example, reports show that 7 out of 10 shoppers completed at least one action to support local or independent businesses. Moreover, 36% of holiday shoppers stated that purchasing products from local businesses was one of the main priorities whilst shopping during their Christmas period.

FB Christmas

Community of shoppers

Using Facebook systems will of course expand advertising reach and thus encourage positive purchase results. However, a potentially more important outcome is the creation of a community platform in which community-based conversations can be more beneficial than the product purchases itself, shifting the focus to building reputation and recognition.

Reports show that during the holiday shopping season in 2020, 58% of shoppers took to social media to share their purchases with friends, family, and followers. Therefore, whether a consumer has purchased directly from your brand or not, the platform can still help spread the word about products and services.

Share the sale
Everyone loves a bargain! We all know what dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean… huge savings! It is important to incorporate reminders for sales dates, don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a buzz amongst existing customers, open new conversations, and expand your reach to new customers. Remember that 8 out of 10 global customers said that being part of mega sale days (MSD) allows them to feel like part of a community.

In addition to MSD’s, singular events may also benefit smaller businesses, these include Giving Tuesday and Small Business Saturday. These days provide an opportunity for smaller businesses to steal the limelight.

Create a unique shopping experience

When looking to drive sales through online purchases, as opposed to shopping in store, it is important to understand that simply having good products won’t make you stand out from the crowd. Successful marketing campaigns are those that ensure their target audiences’ media and content preferences are always at the forefront of creations. Shopping has become a source of entertainment for consumers, with 82% of those who shop during peak shopping days admitting that they are more likely to take part in shopping experience days which are deemed entertaining and engaging. In 2021 alone $25 billion is expected to be generated from live shopping events.

FB Christmas


Lastly it is also recommended that you set up both Facebook and Instagram shops, these can help bring your catalogue closer to your target audience. You can customize your shop on either platform, providing users with additional information in a fun, fast, and engaging format. Shops will show off your whole catalogue or just the products you chose to be shown.

Therefore, when thinking about this season, be fast, be early, be creative, and be smart about your campaign execution. A strong brand is one of the most important differentiating factors in the customer journey, including when people are buying gifts for their loved ones. This Christmas, start early and finish strong.

By Shuhel Pistawala, Facebook Lead, Cambodia & Laos, Httpool


Expanding your brand or business online is always a good decision, and in the digital age, social media is the latest and greatest marketing platform. Facebook, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users has quickly become the world’s largest social network, and from the perspective of many marketers and brand owners, it’s the cream of the crop. Facebook Business Pages connects you with potential customers, sharing information instantly about your products and services, all while supporting a variety of features for businesses as well.

And we’ve got the ultimate guide to using these easy, yet effective Facebook features for your business so stay tuned.

1. Facebook Business Page

First things first: you need to set up a Facebook page for your brand, product, or service, but don’t worry, creating one is simple and easy. Start by logging into your personal Facebook account (no personal information will be displayed on your business page), then head over to your profile and select ‘Create a page in the menu bar. From here the setup is as easy as ABC, just add in your business name, category and description to get started. Make sure to choose an appropriate category for your business for optimum success. Upload your profile and cover photo and you’re good to go!

FB guide 1

2. Facebook’s Free Stock Images

Good content revolves around excellent high-quality images to catch the attention of your audience. So, to promote your business or brand effectively, it’s key to find great photos.

Facebook recently announced three product updates, helping small businesses to find success on the platform. With now, even more, capabilities when it comes to creating image ads, businesses have greater freedom to develop and test visually compelling ads and the option to manage pages on the go.

FB guide 2

3. Calls to action

A call to action (CTA) button is a great way to get people who visit your Page to travel further down the purchase funnel.

Consider what action you would like your customers to take whilst viewing your Page. You can change your call to action button at any time with some options including ‘call now’, ‘buy now’, ‘sign up now’ and ‘visit the website’. Decide what you want your customers to do and put it in the call to action for maximum conversions. This button can be easily found in the top right corner of your page.

FB guide 3

4. Publishing Tools

One of the most convenient features of advertising on Facebook is the publishing tool. High levels of activity on a page is an effective way to expand a business’ organic reach, so make sure you’re posting regularly.

We all know not everyone has all day to spend on their social strategy, so utilize Facebook’s publishing tool, allowing users to schedule future posts whenever they want. Whether that’s for a few weeks’ time or just while you’re away on your lunch break – the publishing possibilities are endless.

To access Facebook’s publishing tools, follow the steps below:
1. Go to your Page from your personal Facebook account.
2. At the top of your Page, click ‘Publishing tools’.

FB guide 4

5. Page Insights

So you want to know how your page is performing, what type of audience you have, where they’re coming from, and what type of posts they’re responding to? Page Insights, Facebook’s analytic tool, is the place for you.

Facebook provides a great depth of data and analytics surrounding your business page. Understanding page performance, metrics, and audience demographics will help you accomplish, fix or set new business goals. This data is also important to bear in mind when creating new ads in Facebook Ads Manager.

FB guide 5

To download your Insights data:

· Head to the Insights tab.
· Click on the ‘Export Data’ link.
· Select ‘Page data’ from the three choices to download the engagement metrics of your Facebook page.
· We recommend opting to download your data once a month and saving a copy of that file. That way, you’ll have access to it anytime.


6. Facebook Insights
As with any business, knowing your competitors is key. Use Facebook Insights to gain more knowledge about your competition. In Facebook Insights, the ‘pages to watch’ feature allows you to closely monitor your competitors’ Pages, comparing engagement, activity, and viewers. This is especially useful for figuring out what works, and what doesn’t. Monitor which content is performing well for your competitors and what promotes engagement; with that knowledge and insight adjust your content and plans accordingly.

FB guide 6

7. Facebook Groups

A group is a small community of people online with the same interest. It helps you better showcase your reputation and personality, building trust and loyalty amongst your existing and potential customers. Also helping to build rapport, strengthens consumer bonds, and improves marketing activity for the future.

To create a group:

· Click in the top right of Facebook and select ‘Group’.
· Enter your group name.
· Select the privacy option, if you select private, select whether to make your group visible or hidden.
· Add people to your group.
· Click ‘Create’.

FB guide 7

So that’s it, our ultimate guide to advertising on Facebook. But it doesn’t stop there, Facebook has many other features for you to explore including ‘Shop’, ‘Event’, ‘Offers’ and more, so make sure to explore every feature Facebook has to offer you and your business.

By Bine Slovnik, Senior Client Partner


It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas! And Black Friday weekend is offering the best bargains of the year you won’t want to miss out!

Conversations around Black Friday on Facebook begin at the start of November, and Facebook users engage with hashtags such as #blackfriday, #christmas, and #christmasgifts in the weeks building up to the big day. These discussions help brands and retailers gage what their customers and potential new shoppers care about during this global shopping season.

So just how can you leverage your existing assets and make the most of the shopping fever that happens around Black Friday?

FB Black Friday


Position your product as a gift

As the gifting season peaks around the corner, your audience shifts and you’re now selling to a gift-giver! Being mindful of this change and pivoting your campaigns can create a world of a difference.

However, pivoting is easier said than done, as Ross from the popular series Friends has learned the hard way, so start early and be ready by the end of October. From focusing on your headline language, to selling gift cards rather than products, offering coupons to new customers, and offering recommended products and cross-sells, be mindful that the upcoming season is all about giving. And receiving.


Discount everything but your brand

The Internet is in a heated debate on whether discounting products can harm brands. While some might argue in favour and some against, the fact is that a campaign that is cleverly conceived, will guide you around that potential pothole that could create a dent in your reputation.

Bear in mind that promotions don’t always have to be discounts and if you run your promotions correctly, they will increase long-term profitability without hurting your brand.

Holler Box offers the following tips:

  1. Don’t use discounts out of laziness, such as sign up for an e-mail and receive a discount coupon
  2. Plan Ahead
  3. Do 4 major promos per year
  4. Promote Your Promotion
  5. Don’t Show the Same Thing to Everyone
  6. Do Smaller Targeted Promotions
  7. Use Discounts as a Gateway to Other Products


And so, you can maintain brand identity while communicating your offer and driving sales.


Stand out with bold visuals and a clear Call To Action

In addition to clever targeting and the right ad formats, bold creatives are an important part of your winning formula! The iOS changes have strengthened emphasis on ad creatives, so make the most of it!

Make sure that your visuals complement your message and convey the right angle of your story. Think about solving your customers’ problems rather than focussing on convincing them that they need your product.

With hundreds of thousands of brands advertising around Black Friday, your visuals need to be bold, timely and to the point to stand out.

With the gifting season around the corner, what could be more appealing that seeing a gift box unpacking to awaken that special sensation which we all experience at Christmas time and associate with happiness and excitement.


Target cleverly

Women are three times more likely to engage in shopping conversations on Facebook than men, they are also more likely to shop on key shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, women are responsible for 76% of Black Friday discussions during the first week of November. 

The biggest age group driving discussions on the build-up this shopping period are those aged between 18-34, they make up 41% of all conversations surrounding Black Friday. 

35-54 year olds make up 38% of holiday shopping talks, they are also more likely to use Facebook as a form of inspiration when looking for gifts to buy their loved ones. 

Choose your target audiences wisely.


Bonus tip: Go mobile friendly

In 2021 81.8% of all Facebook users used only their mobile to access their account. So, by making your company’s shop accessible for those using a mobile you will be able to attract much more traffic and attention to your site. 

With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, people’s busy lifestyles and the dreaded Christmas shopping queues, online shopping seems to be the go-to for a huge percentage of Facebook shoppers. 

Making sure your store is mobile user friendly will mean there is a clean and easy transition for the customer, they will be able to easily navigate their way through an online store from a targeted ad to making a direct purchase. 


So, what are you waiting for? Start early, plan cleverly, and let’s see those Black Friday shoppers fly your way.

By Tin Klasić, Senior Clients Solution Manager, Httpool


Whether you trick or treat this Halloween, it’s time to embrace all things spooky. Spend October reaching out to  your audience and make sure they remember exactly what you have to offer. This time of year creativity is key and incorporating a little “scare” into your strategy goes a long way. One thing we’re always telling our clients is to utilize the fun side of Facebook advertising; after all, social media is a place for people to kick back, relax and discover new things. Creating content that has meaning to your existing or future customers helps strengthen brand rapport, helping them remember you in the long run. So this spooky season, why not use Halloween to your advantage and let your brand’s personality shine through.


We’ve put together a list of our Halloween hot tips for mobile creative practices, helping you achieve maximum visibility this October and beyond.

  1. Don’t skip the costume fitting – use creatives optimized towards mobile viewing with an aspect ratio of 1:1 or 9:16 for Facebook Stories.
  2. Seize the silence – make sure people can understand your ad without sound. Sound is great as an additional element to bring a new dimension to the creative, but it shouldn’t be the star of the show.
  3. Be brave with branding – start promoting early so users familiarise themselves with your company and message. Include interactive elements, enticing users to leave a comment or send a message to help build relationships.
  4. Don’t be scared to clown around – Facebook offers a variety of creative tools from single images, video, carousels, collection, instant experiences, and more. Use all of them to your advantage this Halloween, have some fun, break the norms and think outside of the box (or goody bag) this season.

Facebook Halloween

One thing to remember is to always differentiate between the communication you have in your organic and paid content. People follow your Facebook and Instagram accounts expecting quality content that makes them smile, the last thing they want is to follow a feed looking like an 80’s sales catalog filled with discounts and prices. 


So this Halloween, get your haunt on in your organic content and share your story with existing followers while using paid ads to bring your products and services to the attention of new customers.

By Rohan Noronha, Facebook Partner Director, Httpool Bangladesh


Over the past several years, Bangladesh has made impressive progress in the field of e-commerce. This progress was more visible from the start of last year when the unfortunate Covid outbreak started and the unprecedented shutdown. Due to the pandemic, many have turned to the sector for livelihood. According to the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-cab), business transactions worth BDT7000 crore took place in 2020 through traditional e-commerce platforms.

With more people now accepting digital practices such as online shopping, digital payments, and home delivery services, business online has become more accessible. According to Statista, the online shopping market in Bangladesh was worth 1,648 million dollars in 2019 and is expected to grow to 2 thousand 77 million dollars this year, and 3 thousand 77 million dollars in 2023.

Datareprotal reports that there are 47.61 million internet users in Bangladesh, and out of this, 45 million are social media users. These vast numbers of users are potential consumers for e-commerce businesses. With Facebook’s innovative and effective tools to conduct businesses, business owners have a very effective way of connecting with the consumers.

While running a business on Facebook is relatively easy, there are certain things one should consider before they fully engage in it, especially if they are going to run digital advertising campaigns;

Getting started with digital advertising: Facebook offers a suite of advertising tools to fit the needs of all advertisers. For those brand new to digital advertising, they provide lightweight ad creation tools that allow them to create, manage and track the success of their ads directly from the Facebook Page. Ads Manager will enable advertisers to create, manage, and access advanced advertising features for those looking for more advertising options.


Grow business’s online presence and extend reach: According to a report by the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), there are 2,000 web-based enterprises and 50,000 social media-based entrepreneurs. But growing online presence is essential to ensure sustainability in businesses. Facebook advertising may be a natural next step to reach more of the target groups of businesses. And to do so, businesses need to create a Facebook Page for their businesses. Facebook Page can add credibility to ads and give people a place to learn more about businesses.


Aligning ads with business goals: Before conducting advertising campaigns, one should first align the purpose of the ads with the business goals they want to achieve through it. Such as if a business person wants to drive engagement on their social media posts, they should consider boosting their posts or if they want more customers to visit their website, they can try website ads through social media. Properly aligning their ads with business goals could assist them in achieving more return on investment.


Find new customers: Due to the pandemic, the Bangladeshi e-commerce sector has witnessed exceptional growth. Considering the social media usage in the country, there are lots of potential customers for every business. To reach new people, one can even use tools such as Lookalike Audiences. A Lookalike audience can be built based on fans or Facebook Page or from a Custom Audience created by uploading a customer list. A Lookalike Audience works by identifying the typical qualities of people in the target audience (ex, the people who like Facebook Page) and then finds people who are similar to (or “look like”) them. A businessperson can target ads to these Lookalike Audiences to expand his reach, find new customers and grow his business.


Learn more about the customers: Learning and understanding the customers and their needs can always assist any business to grow more. When businesses run ads on Facebook, they access their campaigns insights through their page’s ad center tab or Ads manager. Business owners will be able to see current updates on how a particular ad is performing. For example, one can see how their audience responds, where their audience is from, their age demographics, and more. They’ll also see data related to the goal of their ad. For example, if they boosted a post, they can track the number of engagements the post received from the people who saw their ad. When they start tracking their ads, they can leverage those insights to inform business decisions, like the types of people they’d like to target and how.


New technologies, new shopping behaviors, and new customers are entering the market every day. These changes are opening up big opportunities for digital consumer business that can pivot quickly into the new ways of marketing.