Httpool Launches New Creative Ad Format - Httpool Engagement Ad

The Httpool Engagement Ad offers advertisers a new and interactive way to engage consumers around its products and brand messages on the Web.

Httpool Engagement enables advertisers to catch consumers` attention easily through it’s positioning on publisher websites, format-size, visibility and interaction functionalities. The ad is displayed on the bottom of the website, outside standard banner positions and is shown only to those users who are active for longer than 2 seconds in order to ensure full ad-message impact.

Key benefits:

  • Interactivity (HD video integration, sweepstakes / competition, voting, product gallery, maps of locations within the ad) .
  • The httpool Engagement Ad is composed of two parts: the Teaser Ad, which is displayed on the bottom of the website, and the Main Ad, that is expanded from the Teaser Ad after a 2-second mouse overlay.

The Teaser Ad is expanded to Main Ad on user-initiative, with 2-second mouse overlay. The Main Ad is the key element of the Ad Format and within the Main Ad, advertisers are able to include product demos, photo-galleries, videos or short questionnaires’.

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