Httpool adjusts its viewable impressions metric to industry standards

With the currently introduced definition of display ad viewable impressions, Httpool is adjusting to the industry standards.

The old way of counting impressions includes all served impressions, even when not in a viewable position on the screen.  Thus, digital media has blurred the transparency with served impressions metric and disabled insight in the number of impressions that make an impact. The viewable impressions standard enables relevant measurement and brings significant improvement in efficiency.

A cross-industry initiative “Making Measurement Make Sense”

In February 2011 the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) founded the initiative Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) with a goal to “supply marketers with the metrics and models they need to: intelligently allocate their budgets between digital and other media, invest more confidently in digital media, and increase accountability, performance, and marketing budgets overall (IAB, Measurementnow.net, 2014).” The 3MS initiative’s number one guiding principle is to move to viewable impressions as an industry standard. Moreover, they have proposed a definition of a display viewable impression as an ad 50% in view for one second and expect to finalize the video viewable impressions standard by the end of 2014.

Viewable Impressions enable greater efficiency and relevancy

ComScore research in 2013 showed that 46% of impressions are not viewable and never get seen by website visitors. At Httpool we analyzed the share of ads that are not viewed and are ranging from 37 to 47% of all the served ads, depending on the website. This results in significant campaign inefficiency and irrelevancy of performance metrics. On the other side, charging per viewable impressions provides a relevant basis for analysis of advertising performance, based on impressions that make an impact. In addition, the standard enables accurate frequency capping that further increases efficiency.

Httpool has been ahead of the industry by employing the viewable impression metric and charging its advertisers for viewable rather than served impressions since 2008. With the established definition and further advancement lead by the cross-industry initiative, Httpool strives to adapt to industry standards and is adjusting its viewable impressions definition. From April the 1st Httpool will start counting as viewable impressions all those ad impressions where an ad will be in a visible field above 50% for at least one second.

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